Lewis Thomas

MY HERO ~ Samantha Andruss

About Lewis Thomas

1: Lewis Thomas was 49 years old.

2:This event happened in 1996 just before Christmas.

3:He was ridding the subway home from work in Philadelphia.

*The photo to the right is of 2 robbers.It may be scary but this is what Lewis Thomas had to face.

The Story

Lewis was on his way home from work just before Christmas in 1996. Lewis saw the 2 young men who were about 20 and 17 years old. The 2 were robbing these 3 15 year olds at gun point. The robbers took jackets, boots, and money. Once the robbers took everything they pistol whipped the boys.

When Lewis noticed the robbers hurting the boys he got up and started to walk towards the robbers. They shouted at him to sit down but he didn't listen. After a minute they shot Lewis in the leg.

The train came to a stop and the 2 men jumped off the train. They were later caught and arrested. The passenger left Lewis to fen for himself. Lewis had to walk to the nearest hospital with a hurt leg. The boy who got pistol whipped the worst went to a hospital also. Lewis and the boy ended up being okay and left the hospital soon after.

Lewis was rewarded for acting in the face of danger. The 2 robbers were arrested for convinced of robbery, conspiracy, and aggravated assault.