Matapu School Newsletter

Term 4, Week 2 , 29th October 2021

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Monday 8th November - BOT meeting @ 6pm
  • Wednesday 17th November - Sports Prizegiving
  • Friday 19th November - Junior Prizegiving
  • Wednesday 24th November - Senior Prizegiving
  • Friday 26th November - was a Teachers Only Day - This is now a normal school day
  • Wednesday 1st December - Year 8 Dinner
  • Tuesday 14th December - Last day of Term 4

Principal's Weekly Update

Term 4 Week 2

RAISE Goal: to wear your potae at break times

Te reo phrase of the week: tangohia tō potae (take off your hat)

Kia ora,

Today was our year 5/6 students’ last day of camp at Vertical Horizon. With plenty of physical activities, teamwork, and laughs going on, it was a fantastic time had by all. Next week our year 7/8s will partake in an activity week which includes laser tag, paddle boarding, and racing down the Holden Museum’s luge. I know I keep saying it, but it’s incredibly pleasing to see our students still being able to participate in EOTC (education outside the classroom) experiences at alert level 2.

School Bus - Masks

Recently we received news from the Ministry of Education regarding the rules around face masks on school transportation. They require all students aged 12 and over to wear a face mask and highly recommended students of all ages to wear face masks while travelling on our school bus. All of the affected students should have received a notice earlier in the week. However please see our bus controller (Anna Haupaora) or myself if you need further information.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

2021 Pet Day Results


Thank you to Lynden Muggeridge and Amy Cameron for organising amazing prizes for the calf section; and to our judges on the day – Paul Vanner and Ross Johnson.

Prizes sponsored by: Farmsource, Taranaki Vets, Eltham Vet Services, Worldwide Sires, Bell Booth, LIC, Graincorp, Wonder Minerals and Silverstone Jerseys.

Pet day ribbons were sponsored by Eltham Vet Services and all the certificates were organised by Print Ready.

Junior calves (5-8yrs)


1st: Holly Van Den Brand and Black Beauty

2nd: Hudson Cleaver and Naughty

3rd: Jack Muggeridge and Quin


1st: Ollie Muggeridge and Nightowl

2nd: Holly Van Den Brand and Black Beauty

3rd: Charlize Luscombe and Summer

Dairy Type

1st: Jack Muggeridge and Quin

2nd: Noah Oliver and Blue

3rd: Holly Van Den Brand and Black Beauty

Senior calves (9-12 years)


1st: Aden Van Den Brand and Lucky

2nd: Jake Brady and Buster

3rd: Ruby Horgan and Frankie


1st: Ruby Horgan and Frankie

2nd: Aden Van Den Brand and Lucky

3rd: Chloe Brady and Daisy

Dairy Type

1st: Ruby Horgan and Frankie

2nd: Lucas Hurley and Connie

3rd: Caleb Hurley and Maggie

Overall champion calf: Ruby Horgan and Frankie

Reserve champion calf: Holly Van Den Brand and Black Beauty

Most enthusiastic: Charlie Luscombe and Summer


Thank you to our judges Adrian Clark, Eltham Vet Services and Daniel Hornby, Carrfields Livestock.

Junior lambs (5-8 years)


1st: Indy Bailey and Twinkle

2nd: Awhina O’Brien-Thoumine and Poppy

3rd: Lucinda Eliason and Rocky


1st: Jazmyn Scott and Minty

2nd: Brock Adams and Flashy

3rd: Ayla Parry and Lilly

Senior lambs (9-12 years)


1st: Molly Fletcher and Lincoln Loud

2nd: Anika Parry and Bella

3rd: James Willson and Nelly


1st: James Willson and Nelly

2nd: Molly Fletcher and Lincoln Loud

3rd: Cohen Brittain and Sweetheart

Overall champion: Molly Fletcher and Lincoln Loud

Most enthusiastic: Kyle Clark and Rocket

Pet profiles

Prizes were sponsored by Matapu School Parents Assn.

$15 first, $10 second, $5 third, chocolate bars for merit prizes.

Room 1:

1st Toby Mellow, 2nd Milla Jordan, 3rd Ryan Blackburn.

Merits for all participants, courtesy of Miss Rawcliffe.

Room 2:

1st Stefanie Haisman, 2nd Anya Hunt, 3rd Aden Van Den Brand.

Merits: Paxton Burke and Regan Murray.

Room 3:

1st Mason Jordan, 2nd Chloe Blackburn , 3rd Kaitlyn Harding-Tito.

Merits: Anika Parry and Bridgette Bocock.

Room 4:

1st Kordy O’Brien, 2nd Noah Oliver, 3rd Khorus-Lee Hunt.

Merits: Caden Barr, Joshua Snooks, Sivarah Adams, Meika Burke, Nate Haisman.

Room 5:

1st Krystal Glasgow, 2nd Braxton Te Waaka, 3rd Sophie Barr.

Merits: Holly Van Den Brand, Katelyn Cripps, Keely Eliason, Hudson Cleaver.

Room 6:

1st Eden, 2nd Mackenzie Oliver, 3rd Ayla Parry.

Merits for all participants.

Small pets – judged from registered children who had entered a pet profile

Champion dog: Jessie Lockley and her dog DJ

Caged pets – Furry

1st: Krystal Glasgow and her cat 2J

HC: Bridgette Bocock and her guinea pig Jeffery

Caged pets – Feathered

1st: Mia Pettit with her chickens Sunny & Sunshine

HC: Leah Pettit with her chickens Sweetie, Chocko & Bondi

Values Awards

Room 1 - Cooper White - for enthusiastically giving everything a go!

Room 2 - Kevin Crothers-Ritchie - for the awesome effort you are putting into your learning.

Room 3 - Jade webb - for an awesome piece of persuasive writing.

Room 4 - Caden Barr - for making great choices with your learning, you are great at getting all your work finished on time, then doing extra!

Room 5 - Sophie Barr - for ambition! You are trying really hard in your maths.

Room 6 - Luke Jordan - for showing ambition, effort and great speed doing 'doubles'. You are a Maths Whizz!

Big picture

School Notices


He hono tangata e kore e motu; ka pa he taura waka e motu

Unlike a canoe rope, a human bond cannot be severed.

Room 1

We have had another great week in Room One. We have loved being outside in the warmer weather playing games and having some fun together. In Maths this week we are learning about number patterns, and using our knowledge of times tables to help us solve problems.

Photo of our Kumara Tipu that are almost ready to be planted by our Enviro Group.

Room 2

This week, half of Room 2 have been on camp to Vertical Horizons. What an awesome opportunity for many of our Year 6 students to experience their first ever school camp! While they have been on camp, the rest of the class, along with some Room 3 kids, have been working on some persuasive writing, reading and understanding compass directions and art. It has been lovely having some of the Room 3 students working in our class.

Room 3

It has been a very fast week for us in Room Three. Most of us went on camp to Vertical Horizon from Wednesday to Friday. The rest of the class has had a great time in Room 2 playing games and fun activities with Miss B. The weather held and we managed to get out for a cricket lesson with Taranaki Cricket. We all really enjoyed it.

Room 4

On Tuesday this week we were lucky to have cricket skills with Liam. We practised our small ball passing and catching skills as well as having a go with the bat and fielding. For writing, the students have been trying to trick Mrs Procter by writing about two things that are true and one that is pretend from their long weekend. We took part in the NZ Shakeout on Thursday to practise what to do in an earthquake. We have had a great week!

Room 5

It is hard to believe that we are in the second week of term 4! Christmas is rapidly approaching - so exciting.

Children are much more settled this week and are back into the routine of things with lots of learning happening. The finer weather has been appreciated - as well as the warmth of our lovely sun. Every day, new adventures happen in our class with learning challenges. Tomorrow the children will be deciding how to design a special tool belt for the seven dwarfs or will be finding out a unit of measurement for Rapunzel's hair. This will, no doubt, be loads of fun! We are practicing how to skip count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Practicing at home will certainly be helpful! Also, we are practicing double and halves to 20.

Yesterday was the NZ ShakeOut! as you can see, Room 5 knew what to do.

Room 6

The short week has raced by quickly!

We had our first cricket session with Liam on Tuesday morning and it was fantastic to watch everyone putting in their best effort and giving all the skills a go. We are lucky to have this opportunity as he brings and sets up all the equipment and we just have to turn up and have fun!

In maths this week we have worked on learning about doubles up to 10, creating our own fist and finger actions to help us remember what they are- ask your child if they can show it to you!

We are using the Numicon to help build strong knowledge too- for our ‘Number of the Week’ we found different ways we could make 6...

...and we also used them to help us complete a doubles worksheet. We were able to go past 10, using the blocks to show us what the totals would be.

Community Notices

Big picture



Mark Joblin Concept & Construction Ltd, Sanfords Rural Carriers, Taranaki By-Products, McDonald Real Estate, Eltham Vet Services, ANZCO, Power Farming, Corrigan Electrical, Matapu Bulk Transport, CRV Ambreed, FMG, Mack Transport, Blastways, Nevada, Ballance, Todd Energy, & BCCL (Burgess Crowley Civil Limited) Carrfields Livestock, Rosemount Charolais - Dairy Bull Specialists, PGG Wrightson Livestock, Jack Gray Ltd, Bruce Parry Livestock, Kelsen's Glass & Glazing, Tommo's Tyres Ltd, Chris Perrett Electrical Solutions, Holdem Contracting Ltd, STE (South Taranaki Electrical), Kaponga Four Square, MG Taranaki, JP Refrigeration.