Blythewood Middle Media Center

2012-13 Annual Report

Last Report for the School Year

This school year has been one of change and growth for us in the media center. We welcomed Mrs. Turner to our media center as our new media assistant. She has brought lots of energy and creativity to our space. We will definitely miss Ms. Laing, but she has not left us completely as she visits us to volunteer in the school.

This year we worked on developing our e-book collection. We now offer e-books through Follett Shelf, Overdrive and Nook devices. We have also been weeding our print collection to make room for new books. Our principal Dr. Hafner is supportive of our efforts to update our collection with new fiction and nonfiction titles that our students want to check out.

This year we moved away from using Accelerated Reader as a way to promote reading in our media center. Instead, we promoted the SC Junior Book Award program with incentives to read to participate in our annual SCJBA vote, 20 Book Challenge and Richland 2 Reading Challenge. We also encouraged reading by offering free tickets to Six Flags through their Read to Succeed Program. Students earned tickets to a Columbia Blowfish game through their Blowfish Reading Program. Students read to earn tickets to Wrestlemania by participating in the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.

We received new equipment for our news program through a grant. We expect lots of growth and changes to our news show program as we are now partnering with Westwood High School to help build a relationship between our middle school news program and their high school news program. I'm excited about this opportunity.

Thank you for another great year!!

Total # Student Visits in 2012-2013: 6,092

  • with classes: 3,000 for lessons and check out
  • independent visits: 3,092 for check out and to use library resources independently

This is an increase in 316 student visits from last school year which is a 5% increase in student traffic in our media center.

Total Circulations for 2012-2013: 10,946

  • 10,783 books circulated
  • 163 e-books circulated

We increased our circulations by 731 checkouts which is a 7% increase from 2011-2012.

Total Teacher & Librarian Collaborations in 2012-2013: 77

Language Arts: 56

Science: 7

Enrichment: 7

Social Studies: 5

Math: 2

This is an increase in 28 teacher & librarian collaborations which is a 57% increase from 2011-2012!

Our teachers are awesome to work with and eager to include more digital and print resources in their lessons. I'm excited to add Math to our list of collaborations this year.

As we continue to grow our e-book collection and implement Common Core, I see this number growing each school year.

Professional Development

  • June 2013- Attend ISTE Conference in San Antonio, Texas
  • June 2013- Presenter at SC Midlands Summit in Columbia, SC
  • Presented school wide staff development during 2012-2013 school year
  • May 2013- Joined the SC Junior Book Award Committee
  • Spring 2013 - Summer 2014 Foundations in School Leadership through our State Department of Education
  • April 2013 - Joined Book Boot Camp with other SC Librarians to share & present book resources to fellow teachers & librarians nationwide.
  • March 2013- South Carolina Association for School Librarians Conference in Columbia, SC
  • June 2012 - Started writing a professional blog "It All Started in the Library..."

Reflection on 2012-2013 Goals

Increase availability of e-books & digital audiobooks

We added 122 e-books and 26 digital audiobooks to our library collection. I taught teachers and students how to access and download our digital collection onto their mobile devices. I plan to continue to work on this goal in 2013-2014.

Create opportunities for students to communicate with other students & professionals through Skype or other social media.

This year we used Skype to meet and talk with author Diane Stanley about her book Saving Sky. Our seventh graders loved this activity. We also used Skype in one seventh grade class to participate in a Poetry Slam with Muller Road Middle. In 2013-2014, I would like to increase our use of Skype with our students. Through the help of social media and networking with other professionals, I should be able to find other classes and authors that will meet with our students virtually.

Apply for library and/or literacy grants

I researched different grants this year. In 2013-2014, I will apply for a grant.

Embed Common Core Curriculum Information Literacy Curriculum

I worked towards this goal in 2012-2013 attending online webinars about common core standards. I also purchased and promoted more literary nonfiction. This year I collaborated with our seventh grade Language Arts teachers to develop literary cafes that incorporated nonfiction and digital media to tie in with fiction material read in the classroom. I will continue to work on this goal by attending more Common Core training and collaborating with more teachers on projects similar to our literary cafes.

Goals for 2013-2014

In 2013-2014, I will carry over my goals from this year and will add the additional goals:

  • Develop curriculum for Digital Media course for students in my enrichment class.
  • Increase class visits to the media center for book promotions and reading programs.
  • Increase collaborative research and digital literacy lessons with teachers.