Casey McMahon

For President


The best way to prevent crime in america is to keep criminals off the streets. I support the the death penalty as currently used. This will help save your tax dollars so we aren't paying to keep murderers alive. I also feel that it is important for law-abiding Americans to be able to protect themselves and their families and also wants to see all bans on individual rights to own firearms removed. I would much rather have the government step up its efforts to seize illegal firearms to prevent them from being used in criminal activities.

Environment/ Energy

Instead of imposing legal restrictions, the government should offer business tax incentives for voluntary compliance. Global warming is definitely a problem, and we still want our manufacturing and energy companies to be successful, but we need to start moving forward with clean energy.

Foreign Policy

The Untied States needs to act to promote its national interests, ideally using diplomacy and multinational actions, but should act alone if necessary. Freedom and democracy are basic human rights, and the United States should fight for them wherever there is a need. Here in America our nation comes first and everyday we are working to do what is best for the American people.

Heath care

The current publicly subsidized health insurance plans, medicare and medicaid, must be maintained to prevent a heath care crisis in the United States. I also want to allow private companies to administer part or all of the plans in order to make them cost effective.

Social Services

States should then be responsible for administering any social service programs appropriate for their population. This will allow states to focus on the issues most important to their citizens, Because not all states share the same problems this will help make sure that the citizens needs are met. Also support a federal law requiring all states to fund full-day kindergarten in districts with a child poverty rate above 20%.


Illegal immigrants is a serious problem. We need to strengthen security at U.S borders and also enact much stricter punishments for people for people who enter this country illegally; because putting immigrants in jail only punishes U.S tax payers. I propose adding 20,000 troops to help guard the boarder, until the problem is resolved.