My Future is so Big

In Such a Small World

interest-ing things about me

I love to sing and act. I also enjoy traveling, writing, and drawing. Singing and acting, I'd say, are my strongest points of my interests. I've basically lived on a stage and I love performing even though recently my confidence has gone caput. On my spare time, I write poems and short stories, draw random tattoo designs, and travel.

All's Right In the World

My right side of my brain is more dominant. People who are right brain thinkers are creative, intuitive and curious. They're also very expressive and spontaneous. This explains me very well because I express everything I feel (even though I'm bad at it). I'm also spontaneous with everything I do.

Career goals

My career goal is to be a singer. I think it'd be a good career for me because I'll be doing what I love and I also have the skills necessary for being a singer.


My personality color is blue. This means I'm very much intact with not only my feelings, but other people's feelings as well. I care for others more than I should. I choose my words carefully and think through what I am thinking.


I like to keep my self-esteem high because if it's low, then I have little to no confidence and I'm too sensitive. If I have high self-esteem, then I'm able to be myself with confidence and not be too sensitive.

Future Education

After high school, I'm wanting to move to California and go to college at UCLA. If I do get into UCLA, I'll major in Performing Arts so I'll get more experience in singing, acting, and performing in general.


I value many things in life. But the main things I value are; friends, family, and honesty. Without my friends and family, I wouldn't be who I am today. They all helped shape who I am. I value honesty because I don't like when people lie to me.

Characteristics of my future career goal

Characteristics of singing are; vocal range, passaggio (vocal transition points), and vocal weight. To be a singer, you need to have a wide vocal range. And to make the music good, you need to have good vocal weight so people can hear you clearly.


I like to think that optimistic explains who I am pretty well. Although I'd say I'm delusionally optimistic because I have so much hope for such a crazy idea in the future. I really do have hope for my future no matter how little of a chance I have to obtain it. Even if it's a 1% chance. I believe in 1% chances with all my heart. If it IS a 1% chance, then that's more than I thought I'd ever have.