Girlfriends Guide to Online Hosting

Everything you need for a FAB Online Stella & Dot Show!

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Thank you for hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

You are going to love how simple & fabulous it is! In order to maximize the success of your Trunk Show, here are some tips that I have found to be useful for my online hostesses!
But first, my business would not exist without you, so I thank you so very much!

My goal is to help you earn as much FREE jewlery as possible!

Think about how much FREE jewelry you would like to earn! Start making your Wish List right away! You can email it to me: when you've completed it!

Typically my shows are $1,000+ in sales with a least 10-15 purchasing guests. That total means at least $250 in free jewelry for you, plus four half-price items!! My job is to help you maximize your trunk show and get you as much free jewelry as possible, so let’s brainstorm ways to do that! :)

How do I earn the most FREE jewelry?!

Aim for a $1,000+ Trunk Show, which will unlock the maximum rewards - 25% of show total retail sales in FREE jewelry + 4 half-priced items! Here is a link for more information about our Hostess Rewards:
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Be my "business partner" for the duration of the show!

The more your friends see YOU participating & commenting - the more inclined they are to follow suit! Make sure you "like" all of my comments & posts - and tag friends & comment as you like! Stuff gets lost in everyone's Facebook feeds & Facebook is very noisy!! So, you've got to be LOUD & excited!

Feel free to help me "style" all your guests! If you see something one of your friends will love, tag her & tell her you see her wearing it or that it has her "name written all over it"! She'll love the personal attention and styling ideas! Maybe she missed that piece when she was browsing the website, you just never know.


Just HAVE FUN! No matter how good I am at spreading #sdjoy, ;-) if you don’t stay engaged & excited as the hostess, you will likely not have an engaging online event.

You are fun. You are awesome! Be you - just like our motto. The products sell themselves. Be yourself, make jokes, get them to interact. When you are yourself - they will become engaged & LOVE the show! And they'll appreciate the personal service I'm offering them!

Your own Unique Trunk Show link

Be sure to share your Trunk Show link with everyone! This allows them to shop whether or not they're on Facebook! Everything is up to date online, so they can browse your Look Book in person, but they're going to be ordering online anyway, so just direct them there to check everything out!

** I don’t recommend relying solely on Facebook, but use FB in addition to our other invitation methods (website invite via email & text invite image)!

The Show Flow!

Once the show starts, the key to the social is consistency of posts and follow up. I will post cute pics a few times a day. If there are posts that I request for the guests to "share" something - make sure you share your opinion too! Have fun, stay engaged with your guests, and gush, like, tag, and comment on the pics so your friends know what you have your eyes on!

Even if you're not on Facebook a lot in general, during this trunk show - try to make more of an appearance! That way we can interact & chat about anything that's happening. If you have a guest with a question or you know someone was eyeing some bags & you'd like me to do a post based around our gorgeous bags - I can!! ;-)

I will post Thank You's to each guest who purchases, & ask guests to post a pic when they get their goods in the mail. As the guests show that they love what they got, others will want to order too!

Finally, as the show is wrapping up - you'll want to send out a PM reminder to purchase. I can give you a list of the people who were most interested and involved but haven't purchased yet. Everyone is busy & sometimes they just forget - I'm thanked for the reminders all the time! (don't worry, I'll give you the words to say when the time comes - haha)

Remind, Remind, Remind!

You'd be amazed at how many people will forget - so don't hesitate to add them to the Group & remind them just before! =)

Text messages have proven to really help increase attendance! Send a quick text out to everyone the morning the show starts “Hope you'll join my Virtual Style Session via Facebook this week! Deals start tonight!" I will make you a super cute text jpg (photo), so you can put it in an email, post on FB, and definitely save it to your smart phone and text it out, if you'd like!

Style It!

Watch what I do during your show! If you're curious about what it would be like to be a Stylist, let's chat about that after your Trunk Show! I'm a work from home Mom who does this full time, but you can be a stylist at any commitment level!

In the meantime, here's a bit more info:

I am continuing to grow our local market, so I'd love for you to join me! Let me know if you or someone you know would love doing what I do!
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Looking forward to a Fabulous Trunk Show!

The only thing to do now is talk it up! I’ll take care of the rest!

I will be in touch, but feel free to contact me with any questions!

Angie Hurlburt
Stella & Dot Star Stylist