By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Story So Far...

For Freedom is a story about a french spy, Suzanne, who so far has gotten kicked from her house after the Germans bombed her town, and took it over. she has a family of three other kids and her parents. They find an old abandoned apartment that they live in while the Germans take over other parts of France and watch over Suzanne's town. Everyday she visits her friend Yvette who wont talk after the bombing as if she were in a coma, but she can hear, see, and talk, she just chooses not to because when the bomb hit it killed a mother while she was pregnant that her mom was friends with.

My Opinion

I love this book because it is very interesting of how there culture is different by there language, yes its hard to read but you can compare it to our language by finding important words. i would recommend it because it is a good story for world war 2. It is also a good book because i compare all the things she has to my stuff in her house. I can tell she likes school to because she is in the choir and loves her teachers. i would recommend this book because it is a great way to learn how french families lived during the war.