Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts


How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

Pericles was a member of an aristocratic family, but he supported democracy. He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy. The most important change was to have the city pay a salary to its officials.

Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs

Greek Gods

The Twelve Olympians are a family of gods and goddesses that the Greeks worshiped. Each ruled a different areas of human life and the natural world. The Greeks honored their gods by wishing to give thanks and to receive blessings. They also tried to avoid angering the gods. One specific god that is very important is Zeus and he is the ruler of all gods and humanity. To honor Zeus, the city-states came together every four years for an Olympian festival and the Olympic games.

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Greek Science and Philosophy

Visual and Dramatic Arts of Ancient Greeks

The Parthenon

Pericles decided to rebuild the Acropolis and create new buildings to glorify the city. When work began on the Parthenon in 447 B.C, the Athenian Empire was at the height of its power. Work on the temple continued on the Parthenon, that represents the tangible and visible efflorescence of Athenian imperial power, unencumbered by the depredations of the Peloponnese War. Likewise, it symbolizes the power and influence of the Athenian politician, Pericles, who championed its construction.

How did Greeks use the visual and dramatic arts in their lives?

The Greeks devoted great attention to their arts. They used visual arts, such as architecture and sculpture, to glorify and honor their gods. Ancient Greeks are also known as the first playwrights, or people who write plays.

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Learning about all the different gods and goddesses. A god that was very important to Greece was Zeus, the king of gods. They were also harsh times for gods like Socrates. He ended up being sentenced to death by forced suicide. So many of the gods and goddesses are there to protect ancient Greece and Athens and they are all important.