Peek at the Week


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Happy Educator Appreciation Week!

I feel so very lucky to be surrounded by so many gifted educators at Glenview. When I say educators, I mean ALL of us. Everyone in our building contributes to the educational lives of our students. Thank you for all that you do every day to help bring learning, laughter and love to our kids!


This Week

5/4-5/8 Educator Appreciation Week- Lunch Provided by Parents in Teacher's Lunchroom all Week

Monday, 5/4- SEL Team Meeting, 3-4pm

Weds, 5/6, Interim Housing Committee (Morgan, Toller, Ratto, Wong)

Friday, 5/8- Dia De Los Ninos (see info. below)

Friday, 5/8- Talent Show


Monday, 5/11 Staff Meeting

Tuesday, 5/12- ILT Retreat (put in your sub request!)

Monday, 5/17- FC Meeting

Weds, 5/20, PTA Meeting

Thursday, 5/21, 1:15- Day Orchestra Reception

Thursday, 5/21, Open House & Volunteer Tea


Weds, 6/3, Interim Housing Committee (Morgan, Toller, Ratto, Wong)

6/4- Evening Orchestra Performance (note change of time from last week)

ILT Retreat: June 17 & 18

Friday, 5/8 Happenings

Bike to School Day- Friday AM

We will have no Friday Morning Assembly due to Bike to School Day.

Dia De Los Ninos- Hold Friday afternoon-

Current* Schedule for Friday:

1:15-2:00 Dia De Los Ninos

2:00-2:45- Outside for Treats provided by Parents (food will be set up on tables with grade level signs on each table

* The plan for this event has been changing rapidly. I will send out an update later in the week after I check in with latino parent group again. For the moment, please just hold Friday afternoon.

Teaching & Learning

For PD This Week

1:40-2:30: All Teacher, Rm. 10

2:30-3pm: Science Camp Chaperones Only

SBAC Testing- Please Be Quiet in the Hall!

Fifth Grade is STILL Testing!

Please continue to be mindful of noise in the halls this week!

F & P Assessment

All F & P Assessments must be completed with bubble sheets in to Linda and data in the Google spreadsheet by 6/5 at the latest.

STIP Update

I am so grateful to have had such great STIP subs. this year. Both Ms. Aja and Ms. Anna have brought passion, commitment to their roles at Glenview. They have quickly become part of the Glenview community and taken on leadership and initiative in so many ways.

Ms. Anna Kaye has decided to take on her next teaching adventure and she will be greatly missed. Ms. Aja has decided to stay at Glenview for another year and we look forward to having her as part of our community in 2015-16.

Operations & Logistics

Moving Questions

Faculty Council will meet on 5/18 to discuss moving needs for teachers next year. Please make sure you get any suggestions or concerns to Mr. Alexander or Ms. Bri before Friday, 5/15.

Social Emotional Learning

Behavior Support

There continued to be a lot of "Spring Fever" this last week. All teachers have been trained in RJ and PBIS. Please schedule daily community building, RJ circles, review of behavior through PBIS, and time to process conflict after lunch for the next five weeks. It's just that time of year!

Safety First

Next Drill

Our next "surprise" drill will be an earthquake drill.

1) Drop under the desk and hold on.

2) Exit the building calmly and quietly like a fire drill and wait for directions.

Technology Tidbits

SBAC Post-Mortem & Tech Planning for Next Year

Mr. Ross is working on a technology survey and assessment of Glenview. In addition, we will have an SBAC Post-Mortem to hear from teachers who gave the assessment how we can better prepare our kids both through content and technology in 2015-16.