The Draft Isn't Meant For Teens

-Reasons Why The Draft Shouldn't Be For Teens-

Why Shouldn't Teens Have To Sign Up?

I personally believe that they shouldn't for many different factors. Teens when they turn 18 may be at one of the peaks in their youth, but yet it doesn't mean that they should have to fight on the front lines. Yes I understand you can have a slight chance of doing community service instead, but still even if you don't go onto the front lines being in the army is hard thing to do. Many teens will not want willing go into the army, making them possibly drag some of the army behind.

Proof Why Teens Shouldn't Be Involved With The Draft

  • It has been proving that armies that don't have the draft, have been statistically better and more likely to win with armies that have the draft.
  • Teens that have mental/physical disabilities will most likely have to be forced to go into the draft, unless if they have to permanently stay in their bed.
  • Going into war can leave very serious mental/physical trauma, it isn't right for somebody to be forced into war and end up with the trauma in the end.
  • Most teens have careers they are wanting to pursue with, if they get called and chosen to go war most of their dreams and careers will be done for.
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