ASOIAF: Clash of Kings

The Soundtrack

Game Of Thrones "Official" Show Open (HBO)

"Game of Thrones Theme"

This is the opening theme to the television adaptation of the series, in which Clash of Kings is covered in Season 2.
Metallica - Of Wolf and Man [LYRICS]

"Of Wolf And Man" - Metallica

The Stark children were allowed to keep the direwolf pups they found in Game of Thrones as pets. In Clash of Kings, Bran Stark and Jon Snow begin to see through their wolves' eyes while they themselves are asleep. This song fits the phenomena perfectly since it describes what it's like to go from human to wolf.
Burn-papa roach+lyrics

"Burn" - Papa Roach

In Clash of Kings, Daenerys Targaryen wants to reclaim her family's throne. She often finds herself thinking of her dragons setting King's Landing ablaze. However, this song could also fit into the plot when Stannis Baratheon attempts to take the city and is attacked with wildfire- a substance that immediately catches fire when released from its container and is incredibly difficult to put out.
Blind Guardian - Battlefield + lyrics

"Battlefield" - Blind Guardian

Many battles take place throughout the book, and not just between King Joffery and Stannis Baratheon. Stannis challenges his own brother Renly to combat, Robb Stark leads his troops to battle against the Lannisters, and Theon Greyjoy takes Winterfell (where the Stark family has lived for generations). Basically, Clash of Kings is nothing but warfare.
Celldweller - Birthright (Deluxe Edition)

"Birthright" - Celldweller

This is another song that fits for both Daenerys and Stannis Baratheon, but also for Renly and the current king, Joffery. Robert Baratheon was the one who took the throne after King Aerys Targaryen II was killed. Years later, Robert himself was slain by a boar while hunting. Daenerys believes it is her right by birth to take the the throne since it was the Targaryens who had held it for generations. Stannis, however believes it is his since he was Robert's older brother. Renly also wants his brother's throne. Joffery, who took the throne because he was Robert's "son", currently holds the throne because he was Robert's first heir. However, he has no real claim since he's an abomination made by incest and no one really likes him.
I don't care by Apocalyptica with lyrics

"I Don't Care" - Apocalyptica ft. Adam Gontier

Queen Cersei Lannister hates her younger brother, Tyrion. Both are always betraying the other and undoing their plans. Cersei even tried to have Tyrion killed. However it's evident by this failed assassination that she does in fact care if he's dead or alive. Up until this breaking point, though, she wouldn't have even batted an eye at his death.
"The Veil of Isis" - The Sword (Apocryphon)

"Veil of Isis" - The Sword

The first verse of the song talks about shadows and secrets revealed. In a chapter focused on Davos Slynt, it is revealed that the Red Woman Melisandre can give birth to shadows that will do her bidding, which includes killing Stannis's adversaries. The second verse talks about the dead returning to the world of the living. In the series, the Night's Watch are attacked by creatures known as Whitewalkers, which are pretty much ice zombies when you get right down to it. The topic is more relevant in Game of Thrones, but is still mentioned in Clash of Kings. Ignoring a third and somewhat irrelevant verse, the fourth verse talks about colliding ships. One of the book's major battles involves boats ramming into each other.
I Said It Lyrics

"I Said It" - Nonpoint

In the book, rumors about Joffery being his uncle Jaime's son circulate like crazy, and they're completely true. His other uncle, Tyrion slaps him and tells him to stop being a complete jerk (to put it mildly). The fact that this song is pretty much a major burn to whoever it's intended is the main reason why I chose this song, especially because everyone talks about how terrible Joffery is at everything in this book. Another reason I chose this song is for the line that says, " I didn't like you from the start/
If you disappear tomorrow/ The world and I would throw a party/ There would be no sorrow/ Be no tears, be no horror." I'm 100% positive that's how everyone in the GOT fan base feels about Joffery.
Hero by Skillet (With Lyrics)

"Hero" - Skillet

Sansa Stark is practically being held hostage by the queen and is being forced to marry Joffery. She wants nothing more than to escape and is always seeking for help. She means nothing to Joffery and is threatened with death and is beaten and humiliated frequently.Ser Dontos and Sandor Clegane are her only hope of salvation.
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‎Falling In Reverse-Raised By Wolves Lyrics Video

"Raised By Wolves" - Falling In Reverse

Theon Greyjoy was raised by the Starks (whose sigil is the direwolf) for a good portion of his life. While his family thinks he has become on of them, he is resistant to the idea that he has become a Stark. In order to save his name, he decides to capture Winterfell and win the admiration of his actual family. He is fighting against all those who raised him yet somehow betrayed him. However, he realizes that taking Winterfell was not a wise endeavor and only manages to make himself seem more foolish.

"WHUR MUH BOATS AT" - EmpyreanAria

This isn't really a song, it's really just a fan-made video. The lyrics are simple: "Where my boats at?/ Where my dragons at?" What I love about this video is that those two lines sum up every chapter Daenerys was in. She spent her entire plot line looking for boats to sail to Westeros with.