Intro to Google Apps for Education

This flyer contains quick videos to introduce you to Google Apps for Education as well as some wonderful cheat sheets courtesy of Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning. Please continue to check Oars to see when upcoming Mash Up Monday sessions will be held to explore these tools in greater depth.

If you are struggling to view the YouTube videos in this flyer, please open a new tab and go to YouTube. When you see the blocked message like the one below, click login. On the next screen, enter your RUSD email and password. You should now be able to access YouTube. Go back to the tab with the flyer and click refresh. The videos should now be visible.
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Intro to Google Drive

Google Docs

Intro video

Intro to Google Docs.webm

How to comment in Google Docs

Commenting in Google Docs.webm

Google Slides

Intro to Google Slides

Google Drawing

Google Drawing.webm

Google Forms

Intro to Google Forms.webm

Google Sheets

Intro to Google Sheets.webm