Music for Adolescence

By Erica Pinkham


The top billboard charts contain songs such as Pillowtalk , I Took a Pill in Ibiza, and Hands to Myself. On the other hand, the billboard also consists of songs such as Love Yourself, NO, and My House. Stressed Out that preaches how overwhelming the pressure form peers and the future are while Work sings about devoting and asking for forgiveness from a man. Very few songs, especially nowadays, are able to effectively teach young adults and adolescents how to live happily and safely.

Pillowtalk, I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Hands to Myself

These three songs specifically discuss adult and mature topics, such as drugs, sex, and partying while getting drunk. These songs highlight these aspects of being a young teenager and give kids false expectations to how their life is supposed to be. This sets up kids for disappointment when such high expectations aren't achieved. They also encourage kids to go do these illegal and dangerous actions because they hold the promise of having fun. By doing this, these songs are setting kids up for addiction and failure by focusing on partying and doing drugs.

Love Yourself, NO, and All About That Bass

The next breed of songs that have been created are self-loving ones. There was a long draught of love that went around America. One sweep around social media would find a slew of self-deprecation, so,min order to counteract this, many songs preach loving yourself, confidence, and acceptance. This not only makes their songs more profitable, but also appeals to the younger generations that are going through a time of hesitancy and questioning their bodies. These songs allow an outlet for kids to turn to when they are feeling at their all time lowest.

Others That Appeal to The Young Minds

Twenty one pilots is known for having relatable music that leans towards the pressure, stress, and anxiety that someone goes through during their lives. It focuses on the struggles of good and bad within the mind and the unnervingly serious topics of depression and anxiety. Beyoncé has been known to be a common minister of feminism and self-confidence, allowing young girls all around to lean on her songs to find self-worth.


While it seems unfair for parents to take away such an empowering creation such as music, watching over and monitoring the music kids listen to will show benefits. Letting your kid listen to songs that praise drug abuse and partying won't set examples for them to follow in their upcoming stages of teenagerdom. But, allowing your child to listen to and find music they can relate to will allow them an outlet that can help them thrive and even survive through these tough times. Don't take away the liberty of your child finding music that they love, but also don't let your kids get sucked into songs that whisper bad behavior and future problems in their ears.