Shakespeare Play, AMND

Brynn Butcher, Capri Deck, Shane Schnaidt, and Caleb Barker

Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 92-162

Hermia and Lysander ran away into the woods, and Helena is chasing Demetrius, who is chasing Hermia and Lysander. Helena is having self-pity because Demetrius won't love her, and then she finds Lysander asleep in the woods. She wakes him and since he has the potion on his eyes he falls in love with her. Helena thinks it is some kind of joke and gets offended, and she storms off and Lysander follows. Hermia finally wakes up from a nightmare calling out for Lysander's care, but he is no where to be found.


All my powers, address your love and might to honour Helen and to be her knight (Act 2, Scene 2, Line149-150).

This quote is Lysander confessing his love for Helena and saying he will protect her and be her caretaker.

This quote is important because this is when the story gets flipped around and reaches the climax.

Character Analysis


He was in love with Hermia. Helena loved him, but he didn't have the same feelings. When he went to find Hermia in the woods, Helena followed and chased him away. The character trait that affecting the conflict is him being blunt. Him being blunt makes him run away from Helena making her get lost in the woods, causing her to find Lysander
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