Awesome April

Latest news and events of April

April fools day

Many people and families prank each other really good on April Fools day, but since Mrs.Kalley was here on that day the children would like a remake of it which will be on Saturday April 9th. WARNING: Be prepared.

Wanna hear a joke: I know 8 facts about you:

1. You are reading this

2. You can't say the letter m without

your lips touching

3. You just tried

5. Your smiling

6. You didn't notice I skipped #4

7. You just checked.

8. Your smiling again.

Sengan's Birthday

It is hard to believe that it was almost 7 years ago that I blew up over the fact that I was going to have a " baby brother". Lol. Wishing him a happy birthday. Once I was 7 years old lalalalalalalal!!!
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Tax day

Oh man it's here again. Don't you just hate it!!! Good luck mom!!!
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Earth Day

Yay!!! Take care of the world. We as a family may not be able to help the whole world, but we can take care of our family's world. Recycle and don't you dare litter.
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