VCR Lesson 8 Presentation

Callie Wyatt

Fill in the Blank

John D Rockefeller's wealth with his Standard Oil Company, along with many other big business owners, made him a ___________ in the government in the late 19th century.
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- (n.) a member of a governing wealthy class or a person whose wealth grants political influence


kratos (G) "strength" or "power"

ploutos (G) "wealth"

words ending in -crat are derived from kratos and indicate a partisan or member of a class type of government (like aristocrat or democrat)

the suffix -cracy identifies a type of government or authority )like autocracy and bureaucracy)











Choose the incorrect usage of the word

A. Donald Trump's cabinet has been condemned for being a cabinet of plutocrats (7 of them) and are estimated to be worth $11 billion.

B. Many important historical leaders, like Winston Churchill, have called out plutocrats for their use of influence for monetary gain.

C. After big business owners had control over many government aspects, presidents like Teddy Roosevelt placed restrictions to limit the control of plutocrats.

D. When he had been in power, ex-President Obama was considered a plutocrat.


The answer is D because although Obama had political power, it was not from his wealth.


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