Tracy and CHARLIE


The history is very cool. Like when explorer Lt. John C. Fremont went on his exploration on the Great Basin, and named Pyramid Lake for it's extraordinary rock formation.This happened around 1843-1845. I'm
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Geography and landform

A fun place to visit is Nevada. With it's huge dessert's and many valley dessert's you will have a blast! Nevada also has over 150 mountain ranges.Now the animals that live in these dessert are Bobcats,rattle snakes, and big horn sheep. A cool fact about Nevada is that the water drys up really quickly so the animals that live in the dessert will be really thirsty. Also sagebrush and grasses grow in the valley.
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Fun facts

A good place to visit is Nevada.Nevada has huge desserts.Nevada's cities that draw millions of visitors to the state.Each year Nevada has 20 feet of snow. The wind speed is 300 miles per hour. The highest temperature is 105 degrees.Nevada can go up to 9 inches of rain.Nevada also has a 726 foot tall dam maybe you can be on it.Nevada has many ghost towns. Nevada only has 1000 settlers. Nevada has about 30,000 mustangs. Desserts receive under 10 inches of precipitation.

Recreation and entertainment

If you have heard someone say that there is nothing to do here well you can prove them wrong because when you go to Nevada there's plenty of things to do! Well there's gambling for people 21 and older. Also,you can go to the MGM hotel and you can go and watch pirates battle on ships. Don't worry you won't get hurt.
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