Dominican Republic

Omar Mendez, World Geography, 11-9-14

Welcome to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has always been a place of great touristic activities. It is a great place to lay down and enjoy the beach. Or maybe go hiking. And even going out to restaurants. This is a place of great culture as most of the streets are filled with Bachata and Merengue dancers.



Catholicism has been the dominant religion in this country. Not all of the people in the Dominican Republic are Catholics, but it is the religion that the population of the Dominican Republic practice the most. They believe in all the figures that follow the Catholic Church.

Language, People, and Culture


The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. All of the population in this country know this language.

Here are a few words to help you on your visit:

"Hola" - Hello

"Como estas?" - How are you

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The people in this country are divided into 3 major ethnic groups: Mulatto, white and black.

The Mulatto population is the majority being at 73%, followed by white at 13%, and finally black at 11%.


The culture in the Dominican Republic is a descendant of that of African traditions.

The holidays celebrated are:

Independence Day - Feb 27

Our Lady of Las Mercedes - Sep 24

and many more religious holidays

Festivals take place in their towns according to their saints. Each one is unique.

Music & Dance

Music and Dance are major factors in this country.

Bachata is both a dance and music. Many people dance and listen to bachata. Most noticeable artists would be Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

Merengue is another dance that people practice the most.


The cuisine of the Dominican Republic people consists mostly of meat, and seafood.\

A traditional breakfast would consist of mangu, sauteed onions, fried eggs, fried salami, fried cheese, and sometimes avocado. This dish is called "Los Tres Golpes".


The economy is fairly developing , not the best, not the worst. It has a GDP per capital of $10,060. Many jobs are offered here at the Dominican Republic. Jobs here in the Dominican Republic would be from working in labor to being a security officer.