By Wesley Fortino, Katie Neill, Allison Green ,and JP Erwin

Location/Distribution of Biome

The location of the Sahara Desert is in Northern Africa and This desert has sand, sand dunes, and quick sand.

Temperature Range (high and low)

    The Sahara Desert is one of the driest and hottest regions of the world, with a mean temperature sometimes over 86 °F and the averages high temperatures in summer are over 104 °F and can even soar to 116.6 °F and often for over 3 months.

Plants in the Sahara

-Cypress trees


-Dium Palm


-Date Palm


Precipitation in the Sahara

In one year it is about 10in (250mm)

5 animals that survive in this biome

1-Fennec Fox

2-Monitor Lizard



5-Death Stalker Scorpion

5 interesting facts about this biome

1- It's not even the biggest desert

2- very few call it home

3- over 1,000 species of plants grow in the Sahara desert

4- Sahara desert means 'the greatest desert'

5-the sand dunes reach up to 590 feet tall

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