Are GMO's good or bad?

I think they are bad.Here is my backed up research

How GMO's impact farms

Companies that make GMOs now have the power to sue farmers whose fields are contaminated with GMOs, even when it is the result of a wind drift from neighboring fields. GMOs therefore pose a serious threat to farmer sovereignty and to the national food security of any country where they are grown, including the United States.

How do GMO's impact the inviroment

GMO's are responsible for "super weeds" and "super bugs" which can only be killed by more toxic poisons.GMOs are a direct extension of chemical agriculture, and are developed and sold by the world’s biggest chemical companies. The long-term impacts of GMOs are unknown, and once released into the environment these novel organisms cannot be recalled.Also over 80% of GMO's around the world are ingineered for herbicide tolerence

Why would GMO's not be labeled?

Unfortunately, even though polls consistently show that a significant majority of Americans want to know if the food they’re purchasing contains GMOs, the powerful biotech lobby has succeeded in keeping this information from the public. In the absence of mandatory labeling, the Non-GMO Project was created to give consumers the informed choice they deserve.I feel that they do this because there product is bad and nobody would buy it if they knew what they were really purchasing and the GMO companies know that.
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Those are the reasons why GMO's are bad.

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My opinions on why GMOs are bad

  1. my opinions-GMOs are bad becasuse we dont know if there are any side effects to the chemicals and we are all eaiting the food so maybe it would turn us into zombies or something.
  2. my opinions-The stuff they put into the crops that makes them GMOs are helping the crops survive from weather and bugs but at many cost like super bugs
  3. My opinions-In my opinion GMOs are bad and there are alot of facts that support that,but they are helping in some ways like protecting the food longer and helping them taste good and making the food taste better

Sebastian Baz