Friday Focus

April 8th, 2016

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Donation Drive

On Thursday, June 2nd, we will be having an all-school walk/run in support of Deweyville Elementary School in Deweyville, TX. The school was flooded with waters up to four feet high last month and the entire library lost all the books. (See the video link below for more information.) Following the walk/run, we will be having an all-school picnic on the intermediate lawn area. The rain date is the last day of school, June 3rd.

Once again, thank you to our amazing teachers for organizing this donation drive. By doing this, we are modeling for students the importance of helping others in need.

"All the reading instruction in the world doesn't matter if kids don't spend time reading." - Calkins

Please take a few minutes to watch this video on the topic of reader's workshop. Take the time to reflect on how the process is working in your classroom.

Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice by Shirley Clarke

Liz and I are reading Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice by Shirley Clark. The book offers excellent examples of learning objectives (learning targets/learning intentions) and success criteria. We've copied Chapter 6 and will place it in your mailbox. Please take the time to read it as we feel it will clear up some confusion on the topic. Our purpose in providing this information is solely to build your knowledge on the topic. The expectation is not to immediately implement success criteria (although if you'd like to, please go for it)!!! :)

PARCC Reminders

  • Please ensure your parents have your PARCC schedule.
  • Check your PARCC manual and ensure you do not have any prohibited classroom resources in view during testing.
  • Review your manual for specific information regarding breaks.
  • Students should not have access to secure test materials prior to testing, including printed student testing tickets and printed seal codes.
  • Scratch paper must be new and unmarked.
  • No one can enter the testing environment without first having signed the PARCC security agreement. If we have a substitute TA in the testing environment, they will sign the form in the office.
  • Keep a list of students that miss testing sessions due to absence. We will let you know the plan for makeups after testing has begun.
  • If a student is late to school and the testing has begun, he/she will stay in the office until the testing session is completed.
  • Move about the room throughout the entire testing period. Staff cannot use the computer during the testing.
  • Please ensure that you place a testing sign on your door while testing.

Reminder from Anne...

FYI: There will be a sub in the music classroom on Thursday, April 14, 2016 so music class will proceed as normal unless an exception has been noted below.

Here is my proposed rehearsal and performance schedule for the 1st & 2nd grade musical/Chorus concerts on Thursday, April 14, 2016. Please let me know if there are any conflicts.



· If possible I would like to ask a select group of Chorus members to come at 8:00 (before school starts) to help me with some preparations like my back drop etc.

· All 5th/6th grade chorus members to the gym for rehearsal


  • Only 1st & 2nd grade students with speaking parts, and solos to the gym (crabs and dancers too). I will be sending out a list of these students soon for your reference.
  • Once kids are finished practicing their lines I will be sending them back to the classroom.


· The rehearsal may run a little shorter than scheduled, but definitely not longer

· Due to this morning’s rehearsal and the assembly performance therewill NOT be music class at your usual times.

LUNCH in the classrooms


· Stacy will begin to call classes down at 1:15 in this order (Chorus, 1st/2nd , EC, K, 3, 4, 5, 6)

· Assembly performance for the school in the gym will aim to begin by1:30

· All 1st & 2nd graders come to the gym in performance order wearing headbands and any other optional costume enhancements

· 1st/2nd graders will sit in the back in performance order while the Chorus performs first

· Chorus kids will be ready on the risers to perform first, when they are finished they can sit in the back while the 1st/2nd graders perform

NIGHT @ Jefferson


· Students meet at Jefferson in the hallway outside of the band room

· It would be great if teachers could come at 6:10-6:15 since students tend to come a little early.

· If you do not get to Jefferson early then you will have a very hard time finding parking which will inevitably make you late. Please, please, please be there on time because it is super hard for me to manage over 100 students alone.

· Students will line up in performance order (Chorus performs first, then 1st/2nd graders)

· 1st/2nd graders will be on the floor in front of the bleachers to watch the Chorus

· If all goes well then we will enter the gym at 6:30

Concert should conclude 7:30 ish.

Notes and Reminders

    • Good luck to all the teachers administering PARCC next week. I'm beyond confident in all the ways you've helped your students grow throughout the year. Ya'll will rock it!
    • Throughout the PARCC testing window, please bring copies to the office for your copy parents so that parents aren't walking through the halls during PARCC testing.
    • Please keep the building as quiet as possible throughout PARCC testing. Remember that some groups will require extended time that may go into the afternoon hours. Also, makeups may need to take place during the afternoon (depending on how many students require makeup testing). Keep a list of those requiring make-ups.
    • If a PARCC teacher is absent, we have a certified staff member available to take over (so that the testing isn't left up to a substitute).
    • Please ensure that you've signed the PARCC Security Agreement and returned it to Stacy.

Coming Up...

For collaboration purposes, it's a B week.

Monday, April 11th


Try to get grades in

Tuesday, April 12th


Try to get grades in

Wednesday, April 13th



Thursday, April 14th


1st/2nd Grade Musical and 5th/6th Chorus Performance (Day and Evening)

Friday, April 15th


Report Cards Go Home

Mark Your Calendars...

Monday, April 18th - Monday Meeting (Certified Staff Individual Reflection)

Monday, April 18th - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30pm, JJH

Friday, April 22nd - Sixth grade step-up day (8:40-10:45)

Saturday, April 23rd - Young Authors

Monday, April 25th - Monday Meeting (Certified Staff)

Tuesday, April 26th - Book Fair

Wednesday, April 27th - Friday Schedule

Wednesday, April 27th - Book Fair

Wednesday, April 27th - Administrative Professionals Day

Thursday, April 28th - Book Fair

Thursday, April 28th - Open House/Ice Cream Social, 6:30-8:00pm

Friday, April 29th - No School, Inservice

Wednesday, April 27th - First Grade Field Trip to Zoo

Band Tour Dates...

Monday, May 2nd, SYB Tour #1

8:30AM at Willow Creek

10:00AM at Sipley

1:15PM at Meadowview

Tuesday, May 3rd SYB Tour #2

8:30AM at Goodrich

10:00AM at Murphy

1:15PM at Edgewood

Inspiring Education and Innovation

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