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Principal Points

We have successfully completed 3 weeks of school. We have spent the first weeks setting expectations and routines. Currently our students are being assessed in different areas so teachers can meet the needs of the students in their classroom. We are off and running, we can't wait for our students to show you what they are learning!

Our September focus is safe hallway behavior. It is important that students walk in the hallways and use the stairs safely. We are recognizing classrooms that show safe movement in the hallway. Each class is collecting compliments and when they fill their chart, the students will receive a popsicle party on the playground. This could be a topic of conversation for you and your child(ren) to talk about their participation in making good choices throughout the day.

As always, the teamwork between our families and the school staff is important for the success of all of our Miner Bees in school. The last few years, navigating through COVID, has really impacted our students social and emotional needs, interactions with peers, and their learning. As stated on the first day, we don't want to go back to "normal" but back to "better." Thank you for your teamwork as we move forward- we need your support in creating high expectations for your students academics and their behavior.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Treinen

Paras needed at TES

We are looking for paras to support our students throughout the day. Although five days a week would be the best scenario, we will consider part time paras. This will be a great way to get involved in Telluride Schools and provide support for our students. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Treinen at ktreinen@telluride.k12.co.us.
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Breakfast to be Served at TES

On September 19th, TES and TIS will begin serving breakfast to our students. Breakfast is $1.75- please make sure your teachers know if it is okay for your child to eat breakfast or not. Students will come into the building, drop off their backpack and school items in their cubbies, check in with their teachers, and proceed to the cafeteria for their grab and go breakfast, which they will eat in the classroom.

Official menu will be posted next week. There will be 5 different breakfast options- each including milk and a fruit- that will be rotated weekly. Breakfasts may include: muffins, breakfast sandwich, cereal and pancakes.

Important Dates: Mark You Calendars

Monday, September 12th:

Tuesday, September 13th:

EARLY RELEASE @ 1:50 p.m.

TES Picture Day

September 14th:

September 15th:

Kindergarten Parent Night @ 5:00

DI in Cafeteria

Traditional in Classroom

September 16th:

District and Community Information


  • September School Board Meetings – click here for information
  • What to do if you were exposed to COVID-19? Please see the latest guidelines at COVID Exposure


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