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September 6th-September 11th

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Attention Commuters!!!!

Cornish College Public Bike Commuting 101

Interested in biking? Let us show you how!

Come learn the ins and outs of biking to campus/downtown including information on:

-Seattle bike routes and coming improvements to the bike network

-Basic bicycle maintenance

-The rules of the road and urban riding techniques

-Loading your bike onto the bus or the train

-Staying warm and dry on rainy days

-Resources for new and experienced bike commuters


Thursday September 8th, 2016

Main Campus Center

Room 303

12:00 pm-1:00 pm

*This event is free and open to the public, staff, and students or Cornish College of the Arts.

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Wellness + Support Groups

Wellness and Support Groups will be available for students this semester. Look out for posts online for more information! Names and descriptions of groups listed below!

Adulting is the Worst: A fun and informative group that covers a wide range of everyday life topics that tend to befuddle and overwhelm the newly or increasingly independent college student including the ever pesky business of laundry, managing time, staying organized, doing taxes, healthcare, and applying for jobs.

    -This group may be useful for students who:
      1. Are living independently for the first time
        2. Feel overwhelmed by new adult responsibilities
          3. Experience stress related to daily life tasks and self­ management

          Ginger Beers with First Years​:

          An opportunity for first­ year students to connect with others, share, and

          receive support as they navigate the highs and lows of adjusting to college life. Topics include making friends, changing relationships back home, parent communication, residence life, identity development, decision ­making, and so much more.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Would like to meet new people and make friends

          2. Feel lonely or isolated as a first­year student

          3. Enjoy processing new experiences with others

          4. Really like ginger beer

          Jedi Mind Skills​:

          This group introduces and expands researcher Carol Dweck’s transformational concept of “growth­mindset,” an inner perspective and approach to problem­solving that can radically change how we work, relate, and commit to valued areas of life. Speaking of values, we’ll explore those as a an additional pathway to greater fulfillment, success, and empowerment as a student.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Would like to develop greater self­confidence

          2. Have difficulty with motivation and/or persistence in the face of challenges

          3. Long to be more effective problem­solvers and self­managers

          4. Want to amp up projects academically and personally

          Yoga For The Mind​:

          Research increasingly points the positive benefits of mindfulness practices as a way to

          reduce stress, improve focus/attention, and build healthy inner habits for mental and physical health. We know that mental flexibility is as good for the mind as structural flexibility is for the body, so let’s stretch!

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Are struggling with a high level of stress

          2. Feel unfocused or scattered

          3. Maintain busy, full schedules that can be overwhelming

          4. Would like to be more relaxed and serene

          I’d Rather Be With My Goldfish​:

          Goldfish are great listeners, but sometimes we need a little something more.

          This counseling group uses cognitive­behavioral, mindfulness, and other therapeutic strategies to address social anxiety in the best possible context, a group of other people! Group therapy for social anxiety is an effective way to learn and practice the skills necessary to challenge limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in a pattern of painful isolation and discomfort. As you can tell by the name, a healthy dose of loving

          humor is necessary for change! Come prepared to share, be challenged, and learn from others as you face and overcome your fears together in a safe, warm, and comforting space.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Struggle with anxiety in relationships and/or social situations in general

          2. Have difficulty initiating new relationships and making friends

          3. Would like to understand themselves better within groups

          4. Are considering individual counseling for social anxiety

          Sooo...What ​Are Your Plans​:

          For many senior students, impending graduation brings with it an overwhelming

          mix of excitement and stress. The unknown is around the corner, expectations are high, and everyone keeps asking what your plans are. This group gives graduating students an opportunity to share, learn from one another, and receive support without the pressure of seeming like they have it all together. We’ll dig into stuff like careers, passion, expectations, money, happiness, relationships, identity, values, confidence and so much


          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Are nearing graduation and feel stressed/anxious about the future

          2. Feel self­conscious about their lack of plans or uncertainty following graduation

          3. Would appreciate a sense of connection to others experiencing similar feelings

          4. Want to explore others’ ideas and solutions for transitioning post­college

          The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Frack:​

          This group takes an honest look at the interesting dark underbelly of

          psychology as embedded in society + politics, particularly unhelpful mythology surrounding feelings and the “self.” We’ll examine current research unveils what we have and haven’t learned about mental health since Freud (which is a lot) to demystify and depathologize the business of being human. This group follows ideas from two fantastic books that present helpful and humorous approaches for stepping outside of what has

          become a toxic culture of narcissism, self­blame, and isolation.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Are interested in the intersection of society, politics, and psychology

          2. Would like to engage a critical assessment of traditional mental health

          3. Enjoy riveting discussions about the perils of consumerism and selfhood

          4. Are mild conspiracy theorists (just kidding)

          The Artist’s Way + Chill​:

          Like a book club, but fun. The Artist’s Way by poet, playwright, and filmmaker Julia

          Cameron, is a classic exploration of the ins and outs of creative life. We’ll follow the book chapter by chapter and have knock­your­socks­off discussions. The book follows a 12­week program that takes participants through helpful perspectives and activities related to creative flow/overcoming blocks. It’s vintage. It’s fabulous. You won’t want to miss it.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Feel creatively blocked

          2. Want to explore identity as an artist

          3. Are interested in the integration of artistic process with daily life

          4. Enjoy a depth approach to creative work

          Cereal Is My Favorite Food Group:

          One of the most frequent things we hear as college counselors is that

          students would like to eat healthier, but either (1) can’t afford to, (2) don’t know how, or (3) are restricted by a meal plan. Fret no more hungry padawans, we’ve got you covered. This is a cooking club that will teach you how to eat as well as possible whatever your budget or circumstances. We’ll shop, we’ll plan, we’ll make things. It will be awesome.

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Would like to eat healthier but aren’t sure how

          2. Feel constrained by finances and budgeting with regard to diet/nutrition

          3. Could use creative cooking and food shopping skills

          4. Enjoy tasty treats

          Stress Less and SCoRE (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education)​:

          SCoRE is a research­based resilience program that helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic changes of college life. SCoRE teaches skills for adapting to challenges and changes, so you can respond to stress more effectively and get on with your life!

          -This group may be useful for students who:

          1. Are considering individual counseling for stress and/or recent life challenges

          2. Feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or at their limit

          3. Would like to learn healthier habits and behaviors

          4. Want to be more effective as students

          New Cornish Library Hours Beginning September 6!

          Regular Hours:

          Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm

          Friday: 8am-6pm

          Saturday & Sunday: 1pm-5pm

          Fall Holidays:

          Monday, Labor Day, 9/5: Closed

          Tuesday, Convocation, 9/6: 10am-9pm

          Friday, Veteran's Day, 11/11: Closed

          Thanksgiving Week:

          Monday & Tuesday, 11/21-22: 8am-9pm

          Wednesday, 11/23: 8am-5pm

          Thursday-Saturday, 11/24-26: Closed

          Sunday, 11/27: 1pm-5pm

          Upcoming Senior Projects!

          The World We Live In Or The Insect Comedy

          By: Josef & Karel Capek

          Adapted and Directed by Charlotte Deutsch

          Produced by Annaclaire Laush

          A Cornish College of the Arts Senior Thesis Project

          September 8, 9, & 10 at 8pm

          Raisbeck Performance Hall


          Revenger's Tragedy

          "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

          Come join us on that journey September 8th, 9th, and 10th at 8pm in MCC 102!

          This show is free.

          Upcoming Events!

          Cornish@Amazon Summer Concert Series: Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto

          Three-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, a master pianist, Cornish faculty member, composer and arranger, is among the top Brazilian musicians working today. His Quinteto includes fellow Cornish faculty members Chuck Deardorf (bass), Mark Ivester (drums), Ben Thomas (vibraphone) and Jeff Busch (percussion).

          Sep 8, 2016 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

          Location: Van Vorst Plaza at Amazon

          Fred Hutch + Cornish

          EXHIBITION ARTISTS (2016 Alumni): Vanessa Alcaraz, Taylor Bednarz, Kendra Boblett, Armand Cochran, Teo Cruz, Ana Duenas, Sasha Ferre, Cameron Fletcher, Makena Gadient, Carly Garza, Stefan Gonzales, Taylor Hollowell, Jasmine Howard, Jeanette Jones, Ivana Kartzov, Xiaoshuo Liu, Tasha Mathews, Janice Ngan, Gabriel Reyes, LaraAnn Sabih, Elsa Spencer, Diego Suarez, Justin Webb

          The 12th annual exhibition of selected works from previous May's EXPO. Accessible during business hours Monday through Friday.

          Opening Reception: Friday, September 9 . 4:00-6:00pm

          Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

          Robert Arnold Building – Atrium Main Floor

          1100 Fairview Avenue N. Seattle,WA 98109

          Parking available in visitor slots in front of building.

          Last stop on northbound South Lake Union streetcar

          Exhibition Managers:

          Xiaoshuo Liu

          Jeanette Jones

          Justin Webb

          Intern: Dylan Tucker

          Artwork: Makena Gadient, photo by W. Westergard

          Free and Open to the Public

          For more information on dates and times click here.

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