Unit 4 Summative

Sadie Snell

6 Word Story

Rights, freedom, and power will shift.


1) Power, rights, and freedoms vary and shift in different groups and degree which causes conflict, different perspectives, change, and often rights being taken away.

2) As a student, I have my own rights and freedoms. These have changed a lot since, for example, my parents were in school. A long time ago, most kids had the freedom to leave the school during the day during lunch or a free period. Nowadays, we aren't allowed to leave until school is over. This is very understandable but still, we have lost that freedom. A more recent example is the dress code. We have a right to a freedom of speech however there are some outrageous dress codes out there. Some are very understandable like the finger tip rule or the three inch sleeve rule. However, some rules are taken too far. At my school we can't wear shorts above our knees. That rules our shorts, most skirts, and most dresses. This isn't allowing us to express ourselves and most of these rules are aimed towards girls, this takes away or right to gender equality.

3) There is a steryoptype that boys get distracted by the female body and as a result, dress code rules are being added. However, in some cases girls will dress in a very provocative way that CAN be distracting and even offensive. This sometimes can keep people from paying attention in class therefore taking away a right to education. I can see why these rules are being put into place.

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1) Human rights have improved drastically however, there are still groups of people trying to take rights away. In Pakistan the Taliban, a terrorist group, took over. The took away women's and girl’s right to education, freedom of speech, and dictated everything they did. They couldn’t leave their homes without a male with them. Before this, Pakistan had made big strides in human rights. Women had more freedom in clothing, they could go to school, and they could wander the streets alone. It wasn’t just women being affected, if any of the Taliban’s outrageous laws were defied, they killed or beat the criminal. Most times, they displayed the bodies with threatening notes to the other citizens that if you don’t fall in line this will happen. Pakistan became a terrifying place.

2) Malala Yousafzai was just a typical teenager. She played games with her friends and two brothers, worried about her hair, and wished to be taller. Most of all she loved school but the Taliban took that away. She and her father stood up for their rights together. They were the first two to speak up. Despite death threats and others like them being killed, they kept going. They spoke about it anywhere they could, wrote newspaper articles, and Malala even wrote a diary with a secret name the BBC published for the world to see what was actually happening. They bombed as many schools and pretty much anything else they could but she stood up for her rights and gained a lot of their rights back.

3 Another example of human rights being violated is the civil rights act. Martin Luther King Jr stood up for his rights and the entire population of black people. He was doing the right thing however, in order to understand this topic you must also look at it from multiple perspectives. The people who treated black people inhumanely truly believed it was what they should do, even thought they were wrong. Also, the Taliban believes that modern religions and idea should not exist, death and violence was a rational punishment to those who don't follow the rules of Islam, and that more modern Muslims should be exterminated. All these things violate just about every human right but it's what the believe.

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1) Everyone has rights and it's important to know what they are. Over time many of those rights have been overlooked. Class time is being interrupted to address "inappropriate" clothing. Sometimes, it makes sense, but most of the time its ridiculous. For example, during the beginning of school I wore shorts that went well below my finger tips but above my knee. I was rushing to find my class and a teacher stopped me because of my choice in clothing. My friend wore a shirt that wasn't low cut, but had lace around the top part. She was taken out of class and had to wait to back in until her mom could bring her a new shirt. Her right to an education was violated. In high school, teachers are more lenient with the language we use however there are restrictions. If we swear we are often scolded and even punished. This violates our right to freedom of speech.

2) The enduring understanding is very evident in my life because my power over myself and the others around me changes. I have less power now then I did even before I was born. I know this sounds crazy but let me explain. When your in your mom's belly you cause her hormones to go wild, constant puking, and changing what she wears, eats, and drinks. As a teenager your parents often keep close watch of you. A lot of parents keep spy software on your phone, tablet, or computer to monitor what you're doing. Also, you can freely leave the house, you're old what to do, and are punished for not following rules. Now, don't get me wrong, I completely understand why parents do this but regardless, we are much less powerful in the teen years.