POHW Before poster

By Kamaria Sheriff

1) Hollis relationship with Josie

Hollis's relationship with Josie is a good relationship. Josie wanted to carve a portrait of her if she stayed. Hollis thought it was a good idea and stayed. They also got to go to Josie's ocean and hang out.


quote:I'll make one of you if you like. We'll have to find the right piece of wood.

2) Hollis trusting people

Hollis has problems trusting people because she jumps around from foster home to foster home. She does not like to stick around at places. She likes to run away.


quote: You want tough. I'll show you tough.

3) The feelings that Hollis had for Josie

Hollis had very good feelings for Josie because she took care of her. She liked her carvings. She also liked that she used to be a art teacher.


quote: You know it to. This is what you will look like very soon.

4) Hollis finding a home

Hollis has trouble finding a home until she stared to like Josie and wants to stay with her in the middle of the book. Last time she thought she had a family was with the Regans.


quote: I won't leave.

5) Hollis's emotions about the mustard women

Hollis's emotions about the mustard women is not very strong. She never had a feel for her because she just takes Hollis to her new foster home.


quote: She'd tried to talk all the way, but I hadn't answered.

6) Hollis's toughness

Hollis always acted tough because she had a hard life. She wanted people to think twice about her. She liked to act tough to.


quote: I didn't want anyone into my soul.

7) Steven and the old man

Steven and the Old man were not always bright to each other in the beginning. They were always fighting and never g ought along.


quote: Do they always fight. Worse this summer.