Mark twain

by kylee period 2


  • Born 11/30/1835
  • he was born in flordia
  • he died 3/21/1910
  • his real name is samuel clemens
  • he was a writer


  • he had poor health for the first 10 years of his life
  • he used his mother
  • he never out grew
  • he was codolled
  • after his dad died he had jobs


  • he began to publish news paper
  • he worked for his brother
  • he became a type writer
  • he got to miss school and work in a newspaper printing office
  • he read a lot of books


  • he wrote a jumping story
  • he continued to work for the news paper
  • he could make a lecther platform
  • he wrote for the newyork paper
  • he published a book made of letters from hawaii


  • he had two brothers
  • he lived with his mom when he was young
  • he got married
  • he had 4 kids but 2 passed away
  • his dad passed away when he was young


  • writing
  • printing newspaper
  • testing things out
  • missing school
  • tacking care of his kids


  • his pen name is mark twain
  • his mom let him skip school
  • he was different from other kids
  • his dad passed away
  • two of his kids passed away