Samantha Hobert

Backround Information

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala has many city's and places to go, but 4 major city's are of corse Guatemala City, Mixco, Villa Nueva, Petapa. Here in Guatemala we are are independent and have been this way since 1839, and we have never been taken over from another country. In Guatemala we speak all Spanish. And if you visit maybe you will learn how to speak our language.
Guatemala has a presidential representative democratic republic for a government. The Guatemalan leader is Jimmy Morales. To buy something in Guatemala you would have to use a Guatemalan quetzal. People should visit Guatemala for their great views of the smoking volcanoes , tasty food, world class coffee, amazing beaches, lakes, and ancient ruins. Tourists would learn about history, explore museums and markets, learn architecture, explore the beaches,swim in lakes, explore other nature( mountains, rainforests, pyramid ruins, cathedrals, yoga, hiking, and volcanoes).