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Tips and Information

Friday, March 13th, 9pm

Fowlerville, MI, United States

Fowlerville, MI

1. Everything that you post is always on the internet somewhere

2. You can prevent getting bulled by not putting any inappropriate or judgmental pictures online

3. If someone says something or comments something bad about you or your picture online don't say something bad back that just makes more bully's

4. Bully's are not funny, they are just trying to get attention or trying to get popular

5. One thing that you can do when you get bully'ed is to go to an parent/guardian or go to an adult because they will help you with the problem

6. Never go meet someone that you have met online because they could be a person that put a different picture of someone on the internet. For example a guy could put a picture of a girl on his account so you think that you are meeting her.

7.Don't give out your credit card information to anyone you know or meet

8. Also never steel someone else information