From Wheat To Pasta

By: Prisha Patel


Do you know how pasta is made? Now you will learn how pasta is made.

The origin of pasta

Here are facts about the origin. Pasta comes from wheat plants. Farmers use a combine that cuts the plants and seperates the grains from the stalks.

The process of pasta

Here are facts about the process . First, farmers use a machine called a combine that cuts the stalks and seperates the grains from the stalks. Then the grain is loaded in grain elevators that are a building that keep the grain dry. Then the trucks take the grain to the mill. Then the machines at the mill clean and grind the grain,witch turns it in to flour. Next they're packed into large bags and sent to pasta factories. The workers then add water to the wheat floor to make it dough. Sometimes eggs are added to the flour to make golden pasta. Machines at factories press pasta dough through a special shaped hole or machines roll and cut pasta dough. Next the pasta dries. Next the machines box or bag dried pasta. Ships,trains, and trucks help bring large pasta boxes to stores. The workers at the store unpack the large boxes and then they put the small boxes of pasta on the shelves.

Interesting and fun facts about pasta

These are some interesting and fun facts about the product. The national pasta association says that 40% of americans like spaghetti the best! Sometimes vegetables are added to the pasta dough and the vegetables make the dough different colors.


Now you now how pasta is made.If you were wondering how pasta is made that is how.
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