Lazaro Cardenas

And Michoacan Mexico's Independent Movement

What he did?

He served in multiple important government roles. He was Governor of Michoacán (1928), Minister of the Interior (1930-32), and Minister of War (1932-1934). Cardenas became President of Mexico in 1934 - 1940 and turned on Calles, then he deported him and 20 of his men. He also helped Mexico heal after the revolution.

How did he make change?

He eliminated corruption. When some foreign oil companies would try to bribe him he would always refused. It earned him a reputation for great honesty that made him such a good president. Cardenas then became known for his honesty and hard work and the wounds of the Mexican revolution began to heal. He put strong and controlled labor unions, land reform and provided protection of the indigenous people.

What Led to Mexico's Fate Changing ?

Mexico was falling behind in the economy and unemployment had rose. Cardenas helped by promoting labor. He gave private land to peasant farming communities, agriculture rose and so did levels of cultivation. Cardenas established a state oil company, PEMEX, and removed the American companies out from controlling the oil. When WWII came into play the Mexican oil industry began to flourish again giving Mexico major prosperity.