Teacher Hate Speech Against Parents

GCISD Parents Update 2.24.22

Summary of Newsletter

A Colleyville Middle School teacher was caught on video saying "Those conservative Christians ... they need to die ... they need to get C*vid and die." She said this on campus in a room full of students -- one of whom taped her.

This newsletter details 3 points: her hate speech, support for CRT, and support for banned books. The complaint form to remove her is at the bottom of this newsletter. Action required.

Lisa Grimes: GCISD middle school teacher "conservative Christians need to die"

Full Transcript

"We have a political system that will not allow us to (??) so we’re vaccinating like the flu…which is, you know…get the flu vaccine if you want but you can’t -- don’t “tread on me” -- but it’s too late – it would have had to have been immediate. If we would have done it immediately, it’d already be gone – that’s what’s frustrating. The rest of my life is impacted because of politics? Because of conservative Christian crap? I’m telling you, those conservative Christians…they need to die…they need to get C*vid and die."

Ms. Grimes' prior post about teaching hate:

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  • Ms. Grimes' hate speech directly contradicts with her post.

Ms. Grimes Supports CRT

The presence of systemic racism is the underlying assumption behind Critical Race Theory. Ms. Grimes supports that theory wholesale.

CRT promotes divisiveness, teaches racism and hatred to our children, and destroys their self -esteem. The principles of this Theory are being pushed onto children through Ms. Grimes.

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Link to the Original Systemic Racism Post

Ms. Grimes publicly supports the content of this article, which includes links to white supremacy, discusses unconscious racial biases, and calls for political activism through racial justice.

Ms. Grimes Promotes Children Reading Banned Books

Ms. Grimes, under her additional account name "Ignacio the Nugget," advocates for children to "make a beeline" for banned books.

She instructs children to "find out for yourself if" the people who want that book banned "can be trusted to know what's best for" them.

All of her students are minors--and she wants minors to select books as though they have the same maturity as adults.

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Examples of books GCISD & Ms. Grimes continue to support

15 Years of Ms. Grimes Influencing our Children

Ms. Grimes has had 15 years in GCISD to influence our children. She proudly declares that she has been part of the "GT Discoveries" program, meaning that those children have been particularly subjected to her ideology.
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Ms. Grimes was Awarded for Activism

SAGE is the gifted and talented PTA. They awarded Ms. Grimes "Educator of the Month."

Go to SAGE's social media pages to see who and what else they support.

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  • "White Rage" adopts the CRT assumption of structural racism.
  • Ibram X. Kendi is a popular culture CRT icon.

What can you do to help?

Please fill out this form and hand deliver it to the administration building. It's the only way to protect our kids, our district, and our community.

If you don't have kids in the district, you still have a right to submit this form. Address how this issue will effect the larger community and the values we seek to uphold.

Link to Grievance Form

Address for delivery: 3051 Ira E. Woods Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051 | Care of: Tiffany Cunningham


GCISD announced that Ms. Grimes resigned as of 4 p.m. on February 24, 2022.

That's less than 24 hours from when the video came out.