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6 January 2016 | #3

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Year End LC Photoshooting on Last Day of 2015! Happy New Year~

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Allen's Faci Experience in Cambodia

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​Facilitating is always on my AIESEC bucket list. I have facilitated 9 times in national and local level before, but I haven't tried doing it in another country. So I was looking for opportunity. I missed out NLDC in Singapore (Damn!), but luckily my second home (Cambodia) has this opportunity and I grabbed it :)

What conference?
This conference is called National Congress (NC), 3D2N from 25th-27th Dec 2015. It aims to gather all new EBs and new leaders to boost their learning and also align strategies, before the term starts on January!

The facilitator team consists of 13 people. 1 Chair (MCP Mongolia), 5 MCs Cambodia (1 MCP + 4 MCVPs), 4 LCPs Cambodia, 3 International Facis (1 Thai girl who is MCVP BD Thailand, 1 Indon guy who is MCVP OGX Singapore, and me!). So I was a little bit stressful and inferior at first, because almost all of them are MC level and above, while I was just a LCP.

How was my experience?
I will use two words to describe: Eye-opening and touching.

It was eye-opening because of the people that I met. The Cambodian kids (delegates) were so keen in learning, so humble, so friendly, so kind, so simple. They listened attentively, responded enthusiastically, asked humbly and learned passionately (Serious this is something we Malaysians need to learn from the Cambodians, their kindness and people-oriented nature, we suck in those things). Besides, I gained a lot of wider perspectives from my Chair, Jennifer. Her AIESEC journey jumped from a LCVP in Hong Kong to MCP in Mongolia, you can imagine how many roller-coasters she has gone through and how many inspiring lessons she has learned.

Touching, simply because I saw how united the Cambodian AIESECers are. They really want to learn and become better leaders. They know their nation is underdeveloped. They want to do something to climb out of it. The unity and the fire-burning passion have left a huge impact in my heart. Perhaps this is the 'fire' that we Malaysian AIESECers are lacking of.

Why facilitate?

I am not sure did I impact someone, but I am very sure I came back as a better person with clearer mind and stronger motivations. Facilitating is one of the most powerful learning platform in AIESEC. Why? We always say "Give and take" and "The more you teach, the more you refresh and you learn". It is very very true. Every time I plan and deliver session, every time I work hard to teach and enlighten the delegate, I become clearer on the knowledge, I become clearer on my strengths and weaknesses.

And most importantly, the 'powerful people' you will meet. The powerful Cambodian MCs and LCPs, my powerful Chair Jennifer, the powerful facilitators. I wouldn't meet them and learn from them if it wasn't because of this conference. I call them 'powerful' because most of them have great strengths and traits that I can learn from. That's the whole point of going out of your LC to somewhere else to facilitate.

Final words

Last but not least, I seriously urge every single one of you to grab facilitating opportunity, even the smallest conference/session/seminar/training (Eg: OPS or even just a coaching session!). You just need to start small and learn, and soon in 1-2 year time you can even become a Chair.

So I have added the 10th facilitating experience in my AIESEC resume. (I am still aiming to become a Chair one day too :P) How about you? I challenge you!

8 Tips To Survive Exam Finals

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Have you seen our 8 Tips for surviving Exam Finals? Share them now to a friend. Help a poor soul still struggling for exam. :D

(And get more engagement for our LC virtual channels~)

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Outgoing Exchange (OGX)

All of us were having exam period. For the past two weeks, we mostly only provide some pre-departure support for EPs going for realization soon, such as EPs who need documents for visa application or etc. We were also delivering virtual Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) to them and checking on the 16 Standards & Satisfactions (S&S)!!

by Nyon Nyin

Incoming Global Citizen (iGCP)

No meeting was held due to the exam period for the past two weeks. Generally, inactive for operational work in the whole department. However, Edward, MCVP IGCP did came during the study week to invoke a new plan with us. The plan was to have us VPs and TLs doing the matching work while letting the members concentrate on studies.

However, the plan was not fruitful as there is a problem with applicants from other country thus no matching had been done so far. We are still hopeful though, we would definitely like to match at least one for this winter after raising a lot of forms before this. IGCP GO GO GOOOO!

by Alex Lim

Incoming Global Talent (iGTP)

The progress for the past 2 weeks was slow due to the study week and final exam. iGTP is at the matching stage for now. The forms of Fuze Ecoteer on EXPA have been officially approved by MC. The marketing materials like the promotional letters and Facebook promotional post are done by the team members. Besides, the recruitment of EP buddy is still in the progress.

by Carol

Marketing & Communications (MarComm)

While busy facing finals, most of us are inactive. Though you can still find some activity on our Fanpage. So do go and support! Mostly is VP doing planning for upcoming Quarter and drafting out our "Storyteller" Buddy System! Hmm. What's that? It's a buddy system for impact showcasing for all our programmes (GCP, GTP, TMP, TLP) and soon to be delivered to everyone once exam is full over. Because January and February are the months of exchange experiences happening, and also MyLDS and new EB transitions, so there are lots of stories and experiences to be told!

Externals love to hear our stories and know better at what we are doing! It's for building a better relationship with them through consistent engagement and not just pouncing at them when we need people to go for exchange! Managing daily customer touchpoints and engagements are MarCommer's responsibilities! :D

"People don't buy stuffs, but they buy what the stuffs do for them." That's impact showcasing (experience marketing). Okay I'm just finding something longer to write because there isn't much activity going on for the last two week, so I thought you guys can use a little MarComm education.

And this newsletter delivered to you! =)

by JJ

Talent Management (TM)

For us, we do not have much progress. We prepared for Mentor-Mentee for FL Team Leade and filled up National TM processes Survey and Spring & Summer Talent capacity Survey. Meanwhile also following up on CD team progress for MyLDS 2016! =D

by Jia Jun

Finance & Legislation (FL)

TL FL (which is me) had a virtual meeting with MCVP FL as well as VPs FL from other LC, and also had a coaching session from MCVP FL. Not really much operations these two weeks, had submitted the financial survey to MC and also the MC-LC budget tracker. FL had kept on tracking the payment status of TN fee from IGCP TNs.

by Kheng Yee

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YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 9am-8pm

UTP Teronoh Perak Malaysia

Tronoh, Perak

YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016 with the theme‪#‎YouthSpeak‬: Forward Malaysia is an event that takes place in multiple locations around the world; bringing top young leaders together with business leaders, thought leaders, and experts for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim to generate new, but most importantly, actionable ideas to that will impact the world and its future.

Happy New Year 2016!!!

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