Kera Patton Dream Vacation

Alaska Facts

My dream vacation is Alaska.

My destination is located in Anchorage, Alaska.

I want to visit this place because i have always wanted to go skiing in a place way different than Texas.

My destination is great because it is the largest city in Alaska, and it is on the water.

Interesting facts about my location

  • biggest city
  • has a mountain in the back of it
  • is on the ocean
  • can hike
  • skiing
  • has moose
  • has a heritage center
  • has 3 rivers
  • there population is 300,950
  • is usually 59 degrees


It will take six hours and nineteen minutes.

It is 4,089.7 miles away.

I will take Justin Dodson with me.

I will get there by plane.

I will stay there for two weeks.


I will staying at Anchorage Marriott downtown.

It has a pool and a fitness room.

I need to pack....

  • skiis
  • snow cloths
  • really thick jackets
  • hiking gear


My trip will cost 2,052 dollars in all.

My lodging will cost 295 dollars.

I will have 500 dollars spending money.

I will spend about 125 dollars for grocery's.

I will have 200 hundred dollars for travel around there.

My airfare will cost 782 dollars.

Gas cost alot of money so I will have about 150 dollars for it.

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While i'm there I will go skiing and mountain climbing.

I could go fishing since it is on the ocean.

Alaska has unique opportunities like looking at volcanoes and huge mountains.