April 2020 NSE Mustang Message

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Message from the Principal

Dear Families,

So much has changed since my last newsletter. At this time last month we thought we would be in school together as we have been in the past. I know we all wish that was our reality today. We miss being at school and we especially miss our students. Throughout all of the changes with the school closure due to the COVID 19 outbreak, we have truly pulled together as a community. We are all working together to ensure our children receive school meals and school work. These things not only nourish our children's' bodies and minds, it helps bring some sense of normal to them during this abnormal time. A big thank you to all of the terrific ladies in the cafeteria, our wonderful bus drivers, and the amazing staff working to help with food drop off and preparing schoolwork. At a time when it would be safer for them to be at home, they make the sacrifice to help our children.

I also want to thank all of our parents. You have been very supportive as we navigate the new (temporary) way of schooling. We have been uplifted by your positive Facebook messages, thank you signs, and positive feedback in phone calls or text messages.

We have around half of our students receiving their assignments online and the other half receiving the information on paper. Which ever way you are receiving the assignments, all we ask is that you do your best. I recently read an important point we all need to remember. We are not asking you to homeschool. What you are doing now for our children is what is called, crisis schooling. We are in a national crisis. Crisis schooling is stressful. Being at home all day is not what we are used to doing. Please know that throughout all of this, we may not be able to be physically with you to help, but we are only a phone call away. I encourage you to reach out to your teachers when you feel overwhelmed or just need a little help. Mrs. Nugget is also available to help students and parents deal with the stress and anxiety many may be feeling at this time. Many of you are continuing to work during this crisis and also trying to balance your child's school work. We understand these struggles. As we hope you give us grace through this process, we also will give grace when needed. All we ask is that you do the best you can. Please call your teacher if you run into any difficulties.

Most importantly take this time to hold what matters most more tightly. Enjoy the extra time you have with your beautiful children. I wish you all the best. Please stay home and safe. When I lay my head down at night I will dream of a time we can all be together again.

Love and Hugs,

Mrs, Atkins

April Dates to Remember

April 6- April remote learning packets will be distributed and posted on the NSCID website.

April 6-May 4- April Remote learning packets will be available at each campus.

April 6-12- Remote Learning Week 3 Due April 13

April 10- Good Friday

April 12- Easter

April 13-19- Remote Learning Week 4 Due April 20

April 20-26 Remote Learning Week 5 Due April 27

April 27-May 3- Remote Learning Week 6 Due May 4

Story Time with Mrs. Atkins

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