Welcome to the New School Year!

Juana Briones Elementary School August 6, 2020

The Year Ahead...

Dear Briones Families,

I realize that we have been in touch throughout the summer however I would like to "officially" welcome you back to the '20-'21 school year!

This pandemic has deeply impacted our community, our nation, and our world in ways that may take years to realize and a lifetime to process. Through the tragedy and challenges there have been silver linings and we have learned a great deal.

Educators continually seek to improve their craft to better support students and this year is no exception. Our staff, including teachers, specialists, and aides have been busy this summer! They have spent hours upon hours engaged in professional learning, meeting with me and colleagues to discuss the year ahead, and planning through the myriad of changes in guidelines along the way. We also learned a great deal from our very unexpected experience last spring that will contribute to the online learning your students will experience this fall.

With that said, we continue to navigate unprecedented times and communication will be key. Teachers will be communicating about programs and progress regularly, and your feedback will be invited and welcome on a regular basis. We are excited to start the year and we will work in partnership with you to ensure each of our Bobcats is growing academically, socially and emotionally.

Please read on for more information about getting back to school!

Be well,


Stay Informed

In addition to the weekly Buzz, that I will be sending out each Wednesday, the "Return to Learn" webpage on the PAUSD website is updated regularly and contains a wealth of resources and information.

Save the dates!

Principa'l Coffee Tonight, August 6th, at 5:30 PM

Please join me for a principal's coffee tonight, August 6, at 5:30 PM. I will be providing information about school opening and will be answering questions that you can submit when you register to attend the event. Please complete the form below to attend. I hope to "see" you there!

Principal's Coffee Registration Form

Sunday, August 9th, at 9:30 AM

Kindergarten families are invited to join expert Briones parents, teachers, and me for a welcome event on Sunday, August 9, at 9:30 AM. More information will be sent out to our families with Kindergarten students.

Thursday and Friday, Augsut 13th and 14th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Materials Distribution and Technology Exchange!

Fill out: This technology survey by Friday, August 7th. The goal is for all Briones families to complete the survey questions that pertain to them.

Drop-off: Your child's current device and charger in a bag with your child's name on it. Place the bag in your trunk for physically distanced collection.

Keep your trunk open to pick-up:

1. Your student's " portable desk", otherwise known as a sturdy bag filled with supplies that students can use to keep all of their school materials in one place during distance learning.

2. Items from last year if you were unable to pick them up in June

3. Your student's new device (information about how to operate your new Acer device will be coming from the District)

You can choose to attend either day as your schedule allows.

Remember to wear a face covering!

Sincere thanks to our PTA for providing volunteers to help with distribution and for generously contributing to the purchase of supplies!

Class Placement

You will receive an email regarding your child's class placement by Friday, August 14th.

Monday, August 17th at 8:30 AM

The first day of school!

Our first day of school will begin online via Zoom at 8:30AM. Parents and students log into Schoology to access the Zoom link. Each teacher will have a classroom Schoology course where teachers will communicate with students and parents. Schoology will also be used to access the Seesaw platform for our primary students. You will find assignments, teacher feedback, Zoom links to synchronous instruction, a calendar when assignments are due and more.

The first day and few weeks of school will focus on establishing a classroom community, building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging through interactive experiences. Teachers will guide students through Schoology, Zoom and what their school day will include.

Below is a sample schedule for the week for grades 1-5 and kindergarten. Our schedule is being finalized and teachers will share the schedule with students and parents via Schoology and Seesaw.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Back to School Night! More information to come!

To Do

Complete your Annual Data Update

Be sure to complete your Annual Data Update or ADU as soon as possible. The District sends ADU information to each family via email each year. If you did not recieve this information please contact Registration Services at RegistrationServices@pausd.org or call 650-329-3707.

Part of the ADU includes a box that you can check to give permission to share your contact information with other members of the school community including PTA and room parents. This box must be checked in order for the school to share any of your contact information with any school-affiliated group including your child's classmates. Please update or enter your decision in the ADU.

Learn About Schoology

Distance Learning will include teachers using a variety of technology tools to instruct students; including Seesaw, Google Slides, video recording and Zoom. Parents and students can access Schoology by logging in to the ID Portal.

Familiarizing Yourself with Schoology

I highly recommend that all parents take the “PAUSD Schoology Backpack” course in your Schoology account. You can watch this course with your children as well. Teachers will be walking their students through Schoology several times throughout the first few weeks of school.

How do I access Schoology Katy?

Click here to learn more.