Hidden Children Chatroom

Password:Free, from Among the Hidden, by Haddix

(Carlos, John, and Pat joined the chatroom)
Carlos: Hey guys.
John: Hi
Pat: Hey
Carlos: Anyone else feeling a little uneasy about this "revolution" thing? Seems kind of dangerous.
(Jen joined the chatroom)
Jen: It might be dangerous Carlos, but we'll have thousands marching on the president's house. They can't shoot all of us. Besides, aren't you tired of hiding? Don't you want to be free? We can't have to hide our whole lives. It's just not fair.
John: I agree with both of you. I mean, I'm a little scared too, but also, like I said, I agree with Jen. I just don't want to hide anymore.
Jen: All of us are scared, even me. But we have to do this!
Pat: Hey Jen, can I carry a "Give Me Liberty o Give Me Death" sign?
Jen: Fine.
(Carlos, Jen and 2 others left the chatroom)