Sheesha busters in Florida 😤💨💨

Hookah Lounge on mudflat

10 hookah flavors and incredible food

We have wonderful flavors such as wormy watermelon, muddy mango, and etc. to go along with that we have deciduous oyster, lobster, and other food as well.

Sheesha busters (play center)

A place where kids can enjoy a big, fun arcade. While the adults enjoy themselves some grade A sheesha and limited amount of beverages.

Our menu..

Business Hours 💰

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10am-3am

Tuesday: 10am-3am

Wednesday: 10am-3am

Thursday: 10am-3am



Sunday: CLOSED

Our plant life..

The dominate salt marsh is salicornia.

Pickle weed builds up as well.

A mud flat crab will crawl under the LOCATION.