Have you heard of a dishwasher?

Come buy one now at stores near you.

Are you tired of washing the dishes with your hands?

Well come buy a dishwasher! It speeds things up when you have a busy day.

The dishwasher was made this year!


Josephine Cochrane

She was a young women who created the dishwasher with the help of George Buttlers.

The best yet!

A dishwasher will decorate your kitchen

It'll make everything seem better and have more things added to it.

You can get it in different colors too

Black, Grey, White and Tan

This dishwasher will make you wish it was created long time ago.

You'll no longer have to worry about your maids ruining your fancy dishes.

So itll be easy for everyone with a dishwasher!

Using a dishwasher is easy for steps

First you put all your dishes in it, second you get the soap and water ready and start it.

My summary

For my project I did a dishwasher. I learned that the dishwasher was very different than it is now. The dishwasher was old fashioned and nowadays we use water and soap but they used hot steam and soap. Also the reason why the dishwasher was created is because Josephine servants were chipping her fine china for all of her dishes. Long time ago it used to be called The washer upper. The dishwasher was a lot smaller and not as fancy as now, but that's normal because everything's like that. It also has a disposal for old food.

Ever Since the dishwasher was created nobody liked to change it when it was done and over.

I tried to use a calm kind of way people would talk when there saying a commercial for something they really want to sell. I used repetition. I wanted everyone to understand what they're reading and make sure they understand it.