Texas Annexation

By: Marlena Major

Reasons U.S. didn't want Texas

The reason that the U.S. didn't want Texas was because of Mexico, debt, and slaves. One of the most important reasons was that the U.S. didn't want to annex Texas was because of Mexico they didn't want to start a war and end up making Mexico a state. The reason debt was because Texas had a lot of debt and the U.S. didn't want to get rid of that debt. The U.S. didn't want another big state to have slaves they were already having problems with slavery as it was.

Why Texas wanted to annex

The reasons Texas wanted to get annexed was because they wanted to pay off their debt, they wanted protection, and money. They wanted to pay off their debt because they had a lot and they wanted to get rid of it. They wanted protection ,because they didn't want to go into another war. For Texas money was a very big problem the owed a lot to the U.S. and they wanted to get annexed so that they could get rid of that debt. They wanted to be able to make Texas a better state ,but they couldn't do that without money.
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Treaty of April 1844

April 1844

the treaty of April 1844 would make Texas a territory of the U.S. Texans grudgingly accepted, but U.S. Senate rejected it. Didn't pass by 2/3 majority. Texas did not want to become a territory because then they wouldn't have the freedom they fought for. They accepted because they wanted to get rid of the debt that they owed the United States. The United States didn't want that to happen because they wanted the money that Texas owed them.

Election of 1844

James Polk was elected the new president(He favored annexation). This mean't Americans also favored annexation of Texas

Joint Resolution

In February 26, 1845 the U.S. finally accepted the Texas annexation!