by Lucy P. in3D


The numbat’s is scientific Name is Myrnecobius Fasciatus.

Numbats are small Australian marsupial mammals.

Numbats are 42cm including the tail with soft colourful fur usually with white stripes. Numbats have a long tongue even though they are small. Numbats do not have pouches even though they are marsupials.

Numbats are found in some areas of Southern and Western Australia. They like to live in hollow logs or burrows in a forest near water. Numbats like woodlands around eucalyptus trees.

Numbats only eat termites and sometimes they eat ants.

Threats to Numbats can include farming and land clearing. Their threats are foxes, snakes and feral cats.

Numbats’ breeding season is between January and May. They give birth to around 4 babies each time. Numbat babies stay around for a while and the mum goes to find food.

Numbats are endangered because of feral animals hunting them and also because their habitat is being destroyed