Taste Of Texas

The Roma

Who exactly are they?

The Roma are nomads. They are sometimes called gypsies. They have been all over Europe. It is thought that they originated from India in the late thirteenth century, and gradually migrated upwards to Europe. The Romanis don't live in one place. They usually travel a lot.

More about the Roma...

Significant Individuals

Significant individuals from Romani culture are:

-Stevan Razvan: He was the prince of Moldavia, and he ruled Moldavia for four months. Moldavia is a state in Romania. He died in 1595.

Trivia Time!

-Did you know that in old times, and still in some places today, "Bride Kidnapping" is considered a Romani practice? Girls as young as 12 years old can be kidnapped to be married to teenage boys.

-Did you know that childbirth is considered impure in Roma, and it must occur outside the dwelling place? The mother is also considered "impure" for forty days.

-Did you know that in 2003, a Romani patriarch, Florin Cioaba, married off his youngest daughter, Ana-Maria, who was age twelve?


The Romani didn't impact Texas very much, but they were important, because they did help Texas get some of it's first immigrants, although it was by force.

Final Analysis

I think immigration affected Texas a lot. Many of the well known people in Texas are not from Texas originally. They are from Europe. Many of the immigrants who came here brought different foods, different cultures and different languages to Texas. This helped Texas change and become what it is today.


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