Life on the Oregon Trail

Faith Jefferson

Day one:

We are going to Oregon! my mom and dad left me in charge of my 6 younger siblings Jeremy, Clyde, Mary, Penelope, Jasper & Meredith. We were set to leave April 25,1824. It was going to be a long journey to Oregon and we would have to pack heavy supplies. We was sad to leave good old Kentucky but we was more excited to see what Oregon had to offer our family.

Today we leave! we packed our wagon down with as many supplies it could hold and set off just before the sun came up. We seen many other wagons and many of our past neighbors. The journey so far started off great and we were very optimistic! On our way down a trail we ran into an Indian who wanted to gamble for our wagon, but we definetly refused! and chose not to play since we could end up loosing.

Day two:

We have been on the Trail for almost 4 weeks. It has been challenging keeping the kids in order, but I have seemed to keep them alive and well. We ran into an Indian and knew that wasn't so good. We gambled and happened to win 5 boxes of ammunition. We finally reached Sand Flats River and took the ferry across the river. The ferry cost $45 and I was relieved since my parents gave me $400.

We then had to stop and hunt since we was runnin out of meat. I shot 10 pounds of rabbit. That was a lot especially since rabbits weigh less then 10 pounds. After hunting we kept moving forward and suddenly came to a fork and chose to take the burial ground trail and failed to keep up with the other wagon trains and fell far behind.

Day three:

On our route trying to come out of the Burial ground we ran in to Indians and they delayed us even more. We had a mishap and one of my siblings got ran over by the wagon but seem to be like rubber and survived which I couldn't believe. We finally made it to the Shian Trail where all the other wagon trains were. We had to cross another river and our wagon chose to take the ferry again to be safer. We made it across safely if you were wondering.

On the other side of the river we ran into Indians once again. but this time they didn't take no for an answer and the only thing left to do was to fight them off. Me and my siblings fought them off well but another person in the wagon was shot with an arrow in the arm. But still was ok to move on with the journey.

Day 4:

It has been about 4 months of us travelling on the Oregon Trail and we have so far made it alright aside from being attacked by Indians and someone being ran over by our wagon I swear it was an accident of at least I think it was. Jasper began to experience watery poop and dehydration. We soon found out by a fellow doctor that he has a disease known as Cholera. Jasper ended up dying and this made our family very sad. RIP jasper you will be missed.

A landslide blocked the canyon so we decided to hunt to pass the time. I SHOT 40 POUNDS OF BUFFALO!!!!!! we definitely are going to make it to Oregon with all the meat we have! we ended up getting stuck and we ran out of food and the only thing left to eat is eachother...if anyone sees this know my life was great and im glad I experienced the Oregon Trial! farewell Faith.