Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 17 News/Update "Preparation Is Everything!"

FYI (Note Due Date for School Runner):

  • PART 1 of our "MOCK TCAP #1" has been loaded to sharepoint for your convenience. This is the portion of the assessment that will show student mastery to date!
  • PART 2 of our "MOCK TCAP #1" has been loaded to sharepoint as well. This is the portion of the test that will be considered "diagnostic data".
  • Part 1 will be calculated into student report card averages, Part 2 will neither count for nor against students.
  • Most are giving the assessment the last week in December. Check with your school leader for confirmation on your exact testing date. All students are required to take the assessment. All scores must be in school runner by the end of the Thursday, December 18th!
  • Students may not use reference materials such as place value charts, multiplication charts, etc. Students may use a calculator! If you have any questions regarding testing guidelines fill free to email Katrina. You can also find testing guidelines below!
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Lesson Plans

  • Make sure you are submitting lesson plans on time GHAES due Wednesday night, FAES due Thursday night, WAES due Sunday night, CAES due Thursday night!
  • Lesson plan submission data will resume with next weeks newsletter

Network Events:

  • AS Holiday Party 12/19 Make sure you RSVP via the invite from Angela DelBrocco
  • December 10th MATH Department Planning Day Place FAES PD Room
  • We will start promptly at 8:00am! Check with your school leader to see if you will be arriving at 8am or 12pm. Side note: You will not want to miss 1 minute!

Agenda Draft (You can expect some combination of the following):

  • Teachers will review the pacing calendar for A3 and do the following
  1. Norm on selected lessons
  2. Calendar lesson dates, review days, and exact Assessment dates
  3. Preview lessons and decide which lessons will need supplements for components (i.e. a different application problem, a different set of fluency practice, a different exit ticket, etc.)
  4. Teachers will then decide which teammate will work on putting together do nows/application problems, fluency practice, exit tickets, lesson plans/guided notes, gathering resources, etc. and post their teams expected outcomes on chart paper
  5. Teachers will then sort and tag resources for each week (Do Now's, Fluency, Exit Tickets, Powerpoints, etc.) with the expectation of at least 2 weeks completely planned out and prepped
  • Time permitting teachers can create leveled workstation packets or preview quarter 3 district assessments


  • Simple This Time, bring any lesson plans that you would like to use as a supplement to a particular Engage Ny lesson for feedback and approval
  • Bring your laptop and any planning resources or materials you use on a regular basis for example TCAP Coach books
  • Bring your completed ANet 2 data analysis so that you can calendar reteach/spiral opportunities. If your analysis is not complete bring a copy of your data so that you have a good reference point!

If you have any questions before Dec. 10th reach out to Katrina!

FYI Content Practice:

  • The first 5 minutes of every check in will include content practice with feedback and troubleshooting, so come prepared with a skill of choice to practice, questions, concerns, and struggle areas!

Shout out to Arelene for finding a cool way to practice fact fluency and allow her students to release some energy!

Fun Fluency Practice

5th Grade GHAES Otisha Simmons said "who needs a calculator?? not me!" Love it!

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SHOUT OUTS............................................

  • To Mehul Shah for reaching out and volunteering to clean up my formatting issues with Mock TCAP Practice Tests (the struggle was real)
  • To James and Jessica A. for graciously allowing us to use their PD room on the 10th and it totally has nothing to do with the fact that they have bottomless fresh coffee or unlimited copies:-)
  • To Katrice for her patience and grace with volunteering to load assessments to school runner for us! We appreciate you!
  • To all Math teachers and everyone that supports our team as we persevere and GRIND it out for the next 2 and half weeks. We are on a mission as a united department to finish strong!
  • To the SPED team for consistently advocating for our students. You are appreciated as well!!!
  • To everyone that opens these newsletters on a weekly basis! A favorite quote of mine "It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best." by W. Edwards Deming

Open Office Hours Monday, December 8th (4:30 to 5:30): This time is open for any teacher wanting to preview A3 pacing guides before our planning day on the 10th or any teacher simply needing to talk!

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- ALL ASSESSMENTS and PLANNING Resources can be found here!!