From the Reform to the Restored Republic

The Constitution of 1857

Some provisions of the Federal Constitution 1857:

  • All citizens are equal before the law and prohibits exclavitud
  • Teaching in Mexico is free
  • In Mexico there is freedom of expression , of organization , so that every person engaged in the work one you like or agree
  • No person or group can have privileges affecting the rest of the population
  • Are prohibited corporal punishment of any kind
Constitución de 1857

Important content of Laws:

  • The church property would pass to be property of the nation.
  • Births, Marriages and Deaths could only recognize Civile Registration.
  • The government would manage hospitals , cemeteries and charitable institutions without the intervention of the church

The War of the Reformation:

  • Is one of the episodes of the long struggle between Liberal and Conservative forces that dominated the country’s history in the 19th century.
  • After the end of the Mexican War of Independence, the country was strongly divided as it tried to recover from more than a decade of fighting. From 1821 to 1857, fifty different governments ruled the country. These governments included dictatorships, constitutional republican governments and a monarchy.
  • The Liberals wanted a federalist government, limiting traditional Catholic Church and military influence in the country.
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