Life During the New Deal

D'Asia Bullock

Roles of Women During the New Deal

- Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in FDR's presidency

- Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department in national govt.

- Women were leaders in many New Deal agencies

Roles of African Americans

- William Hastie became the first black federal judge in U.S. history

- Black Cabinet group of African Americans that FDR appointed to key government positions.

- Roosevelt felt that angering southern Democrats would jeopardize the entire New Deal.

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Artists During This Time

- Dorothea Lange African American photographer who recorded the Great Depression by taking pictures of the unemployed and rural poor.

- James Agee was a writer that depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the Lower South

- Walker Evans was a photographer who focused on a group of families in rural Alabama.

Popular Entertainment in 1930's

- Famous movies : The Grapes of Wrath , I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang , and Make Way for Tomorrow.

- The movies were based on the hardships of life during the Great Depression and the Financial hardships of older couples.

- For comedy The Marx Brothers used a zany style to produce a string of hits.

- Charlie Chaplin produced hilarious silent movies such as the classic Modern Times

- Radios helped broaden the appeal of jazz , and was an important role in politics with FDR's fireside chats.

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Sports During the 1930's

- Babe Didrikson Zaharias , won fame for her talents in softball, golf, basketball, and track and field.

- Joe Louis a big star heavyweight fighter.His 1938 bout against Max Schmelling was part of the growing conflict between Germany and the United States.

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