A Message For Our Families

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We have been talking about this “excitement” that we have about the upcoming school year for some time now. Mrs. Politte and I were excited to visit schools to foster the excitement by giving students a small glimpse into what could be expected, we were excited to host activities at local parks and establishments to start fostering relationships among the multiple communities that will come together at Journey Elementary School, we were excited to host at least one parent night before school started to begin to foster your network of support for one another, we were excited for you to get tired of our “excitement” before the doors to Journey Elementary School ever opened.

We realize that our current situation may appear to have changed all of that, but we wanted to take a moment to tell you that we are STILL excited and probably more excited than before! And boy, oh boy are we going to get creative in doing so, though it may be virtual! We are still going to create that excitement for students, we are still going to build the relationships between the communities that will be uniting, and parents, once we are cleared to gather we will move forward with fostering your network of support (it TRULY takes a village). Please know that Mrs. Politte and I along with the staff are working very hard to get everything prepared and ready to go for you!

We also know that there are lots of questions, questions that we want the answers to as well, but we will do our best to move forward with things in our planning as best as possible given our current circumstances. In the days ahead we will be sharing more information with regard to logistics and such. We know that we are walking a fine line between “informing” and “overwhelming” as we understand that some families are living in dual school worlds right now, while others are chomping at the bit for as much information as possible. We hope that the items we send bring you some joy in being able to “look forward” toward a semblance of “normal”.

Below you will find a few links. Some of them are new links and others are links that you may have received in an email or located on our website. As we get updated information we will be sure to email and/or link items to our website. Yes, we have a website!! It is located on the main WSD website under “schools”. We are also working to ensure that our communication is reaching ALL of our families, as we’ve worked through a few glitches caused by the closure. Please know that what you see below is all that we’ve sent thus far.

So what can you do for now? The first thing would be to complete this form for each child in your family that will be attending Journey Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year. (please complete a separate form for each child) We care deeply about ensuring that students are placed in classroom environments where they will thrive. Though at Journey Elementary School, your students’ world will be SO much bigger than the classroom they report to each morning. The staff is impatiently waiting to learn from you and your students as much as they are impatiently waiting to learn with you. Remember, we’re going on this Journey together!

Next take a look at these links that can also be found on our website:

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