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Week 19 - It's a Shorty Week

  • Tweet a response to the TED TALK - Robert Waldinger
  • Tweet why you are thankful for a staff member

  • Tweet how you differentiate learning in your room
  • Tweet any response to the articles below
  • Tweet examples of choice in how students show evidence of learning
  • Tweet #SLB4 - Learning Strategies 'Students understand and use a variety of learning strategies and tools to help them'

  • TWEET FREEDOM - Tweet anything awesome!

Don't forget #ReaganRays - We continue to be 'live' on our website! Folks love seeing what we are doing!

18th Week In Review...

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What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? (A 75 year-old Harvard study) Please Watch - It's why we emphasize the #ReaganRays Culture! :)

The Good Life | Robert Waldinger | TEDxBeaconStreet
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Google - Become a Certified Innovator (Click Lesson 1 to explore)


Books Have Arrived - Authors are in on study (check Twitter - that's how I connected with them)

I will distribute books this week. I am forming 2 separate Google Classroom Classes for the books. I will likely start with the digital tool FlipGrid. Coming soon...very soon! All explanations, links etc. will roll through Classroom. Exciting!

David Bowie Tribute as it applies to #ReaganRays (2 songs & movie)

#ReaganRays want your chorus too!

This is what #ReaganRays are doing to education - Sing it Bowie! Listen to the lyrics - I challenge you to do that! :)

#ReaganRays appreciate your innovation in entertainment

#ReaganRays paving a path and trying new things - maybe you are also in your room - and that can sometimes feel isolating like you are an oddity. (BUT YOU AREN'T - HEAD UP!)


Trivecta of Innovative Talent - Jim Henson, George Lucas, and...yep...David Bowie!