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Come on Down to Savannah and CO. Law Firm!

Our law firm represents the people in our area with civil legal disputes as well as those that are in need of organizing their personal or business affairs.

Those Involved

Brief Description of the Actions (Steps) taken at our law firm

It is quite simple at our Law Firm. The first step of the process it to hire one of our fine lawyers so that we can put together the complaint-- A formal notice that a lawsuit is being brought needed to proceed with your lawsuit. Once the complaint is filed, the court will send a summons-- A notice directing someone to appear in court to answer a complaint or a charge It is issued in response of the complaint. At court the Defendant may have their own attorney "answer" to the complaint. Pleadings --The complaint and the answer combined in a civil case-- is where Lawyers on both sides gather evidence to help their case. Also, to prepare for trial the judge may do a pretrial conference-- Where both parties are held in a meeting to clarify differences. If both parties can not come to a settlement the case goes to trial. A key thing to think about is if one clearly knowledgeable witness may provide a preponderance of evidence over all other witnesses. Once the jury hears both sides of the story and say the verdict --Decision in a case made by a judge or jury. Now, if the losing party feels as if something went wrong in the case they can file an appeal -- review from the higher court.

Third Party

There are situations where a third party comes in that kind of go hand and hand. Mediation-- in which a third party helps the plaintiff and defendant reach an agreement. Also, Arbitration-- where a third party listens to the plaintiff and defendant, reviews that case and makes a final decision that is binding for both parties.