Road to Investing by Holly L Jensen

Where to start investing and the options available.

Why you should save...

When you save money in a bank it gives you a safe place to keep your money with a slight bit of interest. Saving money isn't just for you to keep your money safe but it gives banks money to invest in new businesses that need help getting started.
When a business starts to make money and pays back interest on their loans then that is where the bank makes there money to pay their employees, creating more jobs and more money that they can put back into the system

Why should you invest...

There are different kinds of things you can invest in like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and with each you have a certain risk and reward. With bonds you have almost no risk unless the government goes under, a high return depending on the interest and length of time you agreed to wait until retrieving the bond or liquidity, meaning bonds cannot be turned into money very quickly. With stocks is more risky, if you can pick a good stock then the return could be great but if the company goes under then you could lose everything. The liquidity is reasonable but keep in mind someone has to be in the market for the stock you're selling.
Investing is good for the economy and businesses because buying stocks then gives companies money that they can put back into their business to further improve it. If the company uses your money correctly then the business will grow, produce a better product or service and make the price of their stock increase and give you a bigger return.

Saving is key

One of the most basic ways to save is having a budget. If you know how much money you have and how much you need to save, spend on bills, or other expenses it's easier to keep yourself in check and in a state of being stable in monetary means.
Another way to save is social security, sure it's a bummer to have your check reduced but it helps to know that in the future you'll have some help after retirement. With social security it's not an optional choice but it helps those of us to save when we don't really know how to do it ourselves by taking a portion out of your check when your employer pays you every month. The money is then given back after retirement.