Carnegie Updates

for the week of January 4th

Principal Pollard

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

Welcome Back & Happy New Year! I hope that each of you had a wonderful winter break and that you are well-rested and ready for 2016. As we embark on the second half of the year, it is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished and to refocus our attention to the many challenges we face as we move through the remainder of the school year.

During the first half of the school year, we have explored a variety of apps and websites to integrate technology into the day-to-day instructional practices and experiences for students. Our goal will be to continue to use more technology as part of the instructional techniques and homework tool kit.

During the second half of the school, I will continue to make some clear decisions about where to put technology resources into classrooms with both the "basic" tools necessary for instruction and learning, and about how to build a collection of student devises such as tablets, laptops, ChromeBooks, etc. so that classrooms have all the necessary tools. Pencils, paper, crayons, markers... yes, these have their place in the classroom too, but the tools for 21st Century are far more expansive and provide for much greater experiences that engage our students in ways that do not come from one-dimensional sources. Text that can be manipulated with highlights, annotations and electronic post-its will not only be more engaging, it will actually give our students the experiences they will need to use technology in their future grades and indeed to bring innovation to the forefront.

Classroom environment is essential to student achievement. Every new year comes with opportunities for making new beginnings; new beginnings built on the edifice of the experience of the past and aspirations for the future. As we begin the 2016 year, reestablish your classroom standards and rules via CHAMPS and/or ClassDojo. In the most successful classrooms, teachers have established specific routines for students to follow. These routines blended with the teacher's consistent standards, form a smooth running classroom where students have the security of understanding their environment and are reinforced positively for their contributions.

As we continue to expand our work, I am excited about the educational challenges that are ahead of us and know that every staff member is vital in our efforts to moving our school to Level 1+ for the 2015-2016 school year.

Mid-Year Update:

  • Enrollment - 614 (including Pre-K)
  • Attendance - September-98.08%, October-97.07%,November-95.05% & December-96.82%. Year-to-Date Attendance Average- 96.81%
  • On Track % - 75.8% (students receiving a "C" or better)
  • Misconducts - 3.76%
  • Staff Vacancy - Part-time Recess/Lunch Aide

The number of missed swipes are increasing. Therefore, please be reminded that all staff members are required to swipe in and out daily. In the event that you miss swiping, please see Mrs. Percy for a Punch Edit Approval Form. I am the only one who approves pay. Therefore, failure to swipe in and out may affect your pay.

Kudos to Ms. Caffie, Mrs. Percry and the Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers for another wonderful Winter Assembly. The performances were original and magical! Great Teamwork by all!

Congratulations to Room 218-5th-1st Place, Room 212-7th-2nd Place and Room 204-4th-3rd Place for having the Highest Attendance rate for December. Continue to encourage your students to attend school daily and on-time. The January winners will be announced on Monday, February 1st. You will have a choice to receive a free school bus or pizza party. Good Luck to all!

1. 218 99.58

2. 212 98.7

3. 204 98.41

4. 126 98.38

5. 224 98.05

6. 222 97.86

7. 228 97.7

8. 102 97.62

9. 202 97.62

10. 106 97.54

11. 101 97.4

12. 110 97.32

13. 104 97.14

14. 206 97.14

15. 112 96.55

16. 208 96.38

17. 124 95.66

18. 205 95.6

19. 114 95.58

20. 214 95.58

21. 125 95.38

22. 216 94.97

23. 116 94.86

24. 127 93.68

25. 120 84.42

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

  • GRR Lesson Plans for the weeks of January 4th through January 16th and IB Content-Area Lesson Plans for the weeks of January 4th-29th are due on Monday, January 4th at 8:45 a.m. in the main office. Lesson Plan feedback will be placed in your mailbox by Friday, January 8th.
  • Gradebook feedback for the weeks December 4th through Thursday, January 7th will be placed in mailbox on Monday, January 11th.

Domain 2: Classroom Environment

  • Every day dozens of students and staff move in and out of school classrooms, making the environment uniquely prone to the spread of infectious diseases such as colds and the flu. The cold season begins in late August and lasts until April. The presence of frequently touched surfaces such as shared desktops and keyboards, as well as other materials, put students and staff at more risk of spreading bacteria and viruses. In an effort to help prevent the spread of germs; open the classroom window a little at the beginning of each day; this lets fresh air in. Use Lysol disinfect spray, Lysol Wipes and Hand sanitizer to disinfect classroom surfaces. These items will be delivered to your classroom in the coming weeks. Let's work together to prevent the spread of germs.

Domain 3: Instruction

  • The Winter NWEA Reading & Mathematics Assessment testing will begin on Monday, January 11th. All Kindergarten-8th grade students must be assessed by Friday, January 15th. Winter NWEA Data Analysis Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19th. Network 9 Deputy Chief Hamilton will attend two of the meetings (which two is unknown).
  • The TRC-MOY Assessment window opened on Monday, December 14th. All Kindergarten through 2nd grade students must be assessed by Friday, January 22nd. You are to assess five students per day and sync your device daily.
  • Holiday Homework grade(s) must be input into IMPACT Grade book no later than Thursday, January 7th.

Domain 4: Personal Responsibilities

  • All grades must be input by Thursday, January 7th. You are to manually input letter grades for all Diverse Learners. You are to refer to the student's IEP for their modified grading scale. Second quarter progress reports will be placed in your mailbox for distribution on Friday, January 8th.
  • Our attendance rate for last week was 96.60%. You are to input attendance into IMPACT by 9:30 a.m. and send the Blue Attendance Folder to the front desk (Mr. Bush). Mr. Bush will call each classroom daily to cross check that students marked absence in IMPACT are absence. The top three classrooms with the highest attendance rate for January will receive a FREE school bus, pizza party. Winners will be announced on Monday, February 1st.
  • This week's grade-level meeting will be self-directed. You are to use this time to input grades into Gradebook.

ESP/MSU Student Interns:

  • ESP Mid-Year Evaluations will be conducted on Thursday, January 7th and Friday, January 8th for all ESP. ​You are to check your email for date and time. You are to bring the completed self-assessment to the meeting.

"Teaching & Learning Through Technology"

Big image

Ms. Clark's Rm 214 Morning Study Hall 8th Grade. iReady Reading & Mathematics on-line lessons.

Big image

Mrs. Butt's Rm 127-1st Gifted, using

Congratulations to the Holiday Door Decorating Winners!

Power 92.3 Attendance Turn-Up Dance!

ACS Boys Basketball Team

Thank you to the Laynie Foundation who donated and presented Coach Adams and the 7th & 8th grade Boys Basketball Team with new gym shoes and socks during the Winter Assembly.
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Mr. & Mrs. Claus visits Room 125-2nd Gifted

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Santa visits Pre-K & Kindergarten!

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Supplemental Resources

Discovery Education DEN Ambassador Program

Discovery Education Board Builders

  • Weather & Climate by Ms. Hernandez-Room 125-1st-G
  • This Day in History: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor by Ms. E. Boateng-Room 210-4th/5th
  • Place Value and Base Ten to Decimals by Ms. E. Boateng, Room 210-4th/5th
  • Geography of the USA by ms. E. Boateng, Room 210-4th/5th
  • Bugs: Helpful or Harmful by Ms. Gipson, Room 116-Kdg.

iReady Teacher Toolbox Printable Reading & Mathematics Materials

100 Math Discourse Questions

Implementing the 8 Mathematical Practices

Foldable for 8 Standards of Mathematical Practices

In order for students to journal about the standards, they would need to understand them. See the below photos. The outside of the 8-door foldable lists the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice as they are written.

"Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts"

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